Root Please help explain what's going wrong in my root


Hello all, newbie here!

Can anyone assist me please?

I have a HTC Wilfire S that I've been trying to root for a week now!

It's stats are:

2.3.5 & 2.26.401.3

I was reading the thread: by member msaifhussain. I posted a query at the end of it but fear that no-one will respond to it anymore as it began in Dec 2012 which I didn't spot 'till after I'd posted, so I've decided to start anew.

I've followed the instructions by Caro332 in the thread. Caro recommends following this thread:

SO...following it's instructions:
I created my a/c on HTCDEV.COM, tick all boxes etc. No need to update bootloader, as per instructions so I "proceed to next step".
I created a folder \Android, downloaded the "Fastboot binary, Windows
(Unzip the file before executing)" file [Fastboot-Zip] to \Android. I unzip as per instructions. I set up my HTC- fastboot off, usb debugging enabled,bootloader screen up and click on fastboot, usb into it and open the cmd prompt on my pc.

The problem I encounter is this:
On the cmd prompt instructions:
I open cmd prompt (Windows XP):
it says c:\documents and settings\administrater>[blinking cursor] (My pc cmd line)
I type- c: cd \Android at the blinking cursor. That's okay.
The next line is c:\documents and settings\administrater>[blinking cursor] again.
I type- c: \Android> fastboot oem get_identifier_token at the blinking cursor.
Nothing happens!

I'm meant to get:
INFO <Please cut following info>
INFO <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>>
INFO {multi lines of numerical text}
I get nothing!
The cmd returns to c:\documents and settings\administrater>[blinking cursor]

What am I doing wrong?? Any assistance would be fantastic.

Thanks, Gerry


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Heya and welcome to the forums!

When your trying to get your token, your in the bootloader menu yeah?

If not, in cmd type out "adb reboot bootloader"

Otherwise if you've got another charging cable, try switching cables and USB ports.


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Hi DragonSlayer95;

Thanks for the response. Really kind. I'm on my phone at the mo' as the pc is in use by a family member.

I can tell you that I'm definitely using the right screen- bootloader/ then click fastboot-(new "fastboot" screen)- then do the cmd prompt bit. I will try your suggestion when I can get back on the pc, about 1hr from now. And I'll try it in a new usb port, but I'll say now that I've transferred files from my pc to the phone via the usb lead, no problem.

Thank you, I'll let you know.

Thanks, Gerry


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I've tried DragonSlayer95's suggestion above:

Switched usb ports (I don't have another spare lead though), HOWEVER, as I said, I have used it to connect my phone to the pc in order to transfer files to the sd card during many of my root attempts and I could do it no probs. It also fully works with Sync!
Typed adb reboot bootloader into the cmd prmt thus:
c: \Android adb reboot bootloader
once again- it accepts the command (No error or command unknown)- BUT...
again the cmd prmt returns to the command prompt's default line: c: documents and...etc. nothing happens

Please help!


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Just for clarification:

When my phone is in Normal Use mode (i.e. switched on for everyday use) & usb'd to my PC it shows up, on the PC, as Removable Diak (E:) in MY COMPUTER, Devices with removable storage. It's right there beside my DVD/CD-RW Drive ( D:).

HOWEVER, when it's on the Bootloader menu, FASTBOOT highlighted, it vanishes from MY COMPUTER on the PC. The phone's display still registers the connection as it correctly reads FASTBOOT usb when usb connected.

Is it normal for the PC NOT to see the phone when in the BOOTLOADER menus, only when it's switched on for normal use?

Thanks, Gerry