May 26, 2010

I have just received my HTC desire, and setting up my email settings.

I have three different email accounts, and set them all up.

I set up the incoming server settings all fine, but when I put in the details for the outgoing server settings, and press NEXT button, I get the following each time:

'Cannot connect to the mail server to verify your account infrmation. Your server is not responding.'

This happens on all three accounts.

I have used the same settings as on my computer which works when sending the emails on my computer.

I finish the setting it up, but ofcourse I can receive emails, but can't send any.

I am on the three network in the UK.

Any help greatfully received.

Many thanks,

Hi. I found the resolution to this problem on the three help and support pages. Here is what it says,

Port 25
To protect you and our network, we restrict access to port 25 on our network.

If you use your phone's email software and your email provider uses Port 25 for outgoing mail, you will need to change outgoing email port from 25 to 587. It is possible that your email provider does not support port 587 - in which case you should try port 465 as an alternative. With some email providers you may also have to send email using a secure SSL connection.
For instructions on how to change your outgoing email port refer to your phone's user guide. Alternatively, we have our own email service, Email on 3, which pushes the emails from your PC email accounts to the inbox on your mobile.
I am on Vodafone, and have tried the above suggestions with no luck. Any other ideas? Am receiving the mails fine, just cannot send
Just to update a little bit.
I hade a problem with email settings on HTC Desire in HTC EMAIL WIDGET.
Despite that Android's email client works just fine straight away,my HTC clent just couldnt connect to server.

None of the settings provided in earlier answers worked.

I finally found the right settings.

Incoming settings :

Protocol : IMAP
IMAP Server :
Security : SSL
Server port : 993

Outgoing settings :

SMTP server :
Security : SSL
Sever port : 465

Im on 3 contract,with HTC Desire and this problem is only with HTC Email client,my friend had the same problem with his Desire.
I had it also with HTC Hero but i dont remeber how i solved this.
When i got my Desire it was running Android 2.1,i had to set it up manually,now i upgraded it to Android 2.2 and again had to set it up.
I must mention that i havent got any settings on my memory card becouse i formatted it.

I hope that will be helpfull to anyone.
Three have their own smtp server called - no security type/no login. Use that for emailing through their network.



just spent and hour or so on the phone with three and they didn't help. did the above and all working fine. did not change port. thanks mate!
I'm also having problems sending email. I'm on blueyonder (Virgin) for email and use Virgin Mobile. I can receive OK but not send. Help!
Three have their own smtp server called - no security type/no login. Use that for emailing through their network.



My girlfriend has an HTC Desire on Three and was having problems sending emails from her own domain. I put this SMTP server in, and she can send when she's on mobile internet. But now if she's on Wi-Fi, she can't send. Previously, it was the other way round - Wi-Fi was okay, but sending via mobile internet always failed (she used her own domain's SMTP server with the correct login / password).

Does anyone know if it's possible to set up the email on an HTC Desire on Three so you can send both via mobile internet and wi-fi? It's driving me nuts. :(