Jul 13, 2013
Connecticut, USA
OK, I am new to Android and just got my S4 this week.. I have been installing a lot of apps today and arranging them in various folders, etc. Earlier, I was able to put an app in a folder, open the folder and then rearrange the order of the app icons within the folder.

Now, however, whenever I try to move an app icon within a folder, I touch the icon and hold to get it to the point where it will move and INSTANTLY, the folder closes and I end up at the home screen and have to just drop the icon on an empty space, or back into the folder.

It seems silly to think that this is the cause, but the only thing I did in the interim is install a SanDisk 64g SD card. I know the SD card works as it shows up under storage in settings and I was able to move the image gallery to the card.

Could installing the card have triggered some freak bug like this. Or have I inadvertently changed some other setting to cause this? Maybe some app I installed did it?

Thanks for any help.


I have restarted the phone several times and it hasn't helped.
Well, apparently it isn't just within folders. Whenever I try to move an app icon I press and hold as usual. As soon as I feel the little vibration and the page shrinks down, it immediately snaps 1 or 2 pages over forcing me to slide back to the original page. That's why it doesn't stay within the folder view as well.

Update to the Update.

Found the culprit! In Settings:My Device:Motions and gestures:Motion - I toggled this off and the problem went away! Actually went through each one of the motion and gesture controls and checked to see if turning each one off helped.

Now the question is: Do I have a bad gyroscope? I tried the gyroscope recalibration and that did not solve the issue.