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Root Rember diff? Well now I gotta use it.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by EagerestWolf, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. EagerestWolf

    EagerestWolf Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter
    Nov 28, 2012

    Okay, so I will be posting a ton of Google Drive links over the next day or so. These are the diff files for my Cyanogenmod and the Stock Huawei system partition. This is going to be a long and tedious process of determining what to keep and what to chunk so any help is greatly appreciated.

    NOTE: As I have a freshly built Cyanogenmod, I am not even gonna waste time with the app directory.

    BIN: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_I4pF-Rn6C3ZzBKMnJOQzBzMGM/edit?usp=sharing
    ETC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_I4pF-Rn6C3OENGeHQydnJrUms/edit?usp=sharing
    FONTS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_I4pF-Rn6C3UkVXeFR6ZzVnZ3M/edit?usp=sharing
    FRAMEWORK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_I4pF-Rn6C3NmtGNlJDWjVIMkk/edit?usp=sharing
    LIB (This one is CRITICAL): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_I4pF-Rn6C3TFNVTkFIQWxIQzg/edit?usp=sharing
    MEDIA: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_I4pF-Rn6C3RXB5SGhudmZSZm8/edit?usp=sharing
    USR: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_I4pF-Rn6C3YmR6Vmc0X0xHSWc/edit?usp=sharing
    VENDOR: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_I4pF-Rn6C3M0x5UUowSmJ6MjQ/edit?usp=sharing



  2. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast
    Jan 16, 2014

    Jan 16, 2014
    I'm not trying to waste anyone's time.

    Can someone link me up with more info on what is being done? In a way a n00b to android who wants to help would understand?

    If not- no worries... don't want to get in the way.
  3. EagerestWolf

    EagerestWolf Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter
    Nov 28, 2012

    The best thing a n00b can do is open each of the documents above and make note of everything that is in /mnt/system/* that is not in cm-10.1-y301a1/system/* (diff will say only in /mnt/system/*), and send that note one time as a message or share it as a Google doc.
  4. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast
    Jan 16, 2014

    Jan 16, 2014
    Am i understanding you correct?
    This is from the first link;
    You want this:

    Only in /mnt/system/bin: abtfilt

    But ALL the lines that begin "Only in /mnt/ blah" ?
  5. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast
    Jan 16, 2014

    Jan 16, 2014
    If I was right about what you wanted done, here is the first file you posted.

    Only in /mnt/system/bin: abtfilt
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: akmd8963
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: akmd8975
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: amploader
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: artagent
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: ast-mm-vdec-omx-test7k
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: ATFWD-daemon
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: ath_supplicant
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: athtestcmd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: atserver
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: bluetoothd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: bootanimationex
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: brcm_patchram_plus
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: brcm_patchram_plus_check
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: bridgemgrd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: bt_check
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: btld
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: callife
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: cat
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: charge
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: chargelogcat
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: chmod
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: chown
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: cmp
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: cnd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: curl
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: cust
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: date
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: dbox
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: dd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: df
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: dhd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: diag_dci_client
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: diag_mdlog
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: diag_socket_log
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: diag_uart_log
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: dmesg
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: ds_fmc_appd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: dump_debug
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: dumptool
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: dun-server
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: .ext
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: filebackup
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: fmconfig
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: ftmdaemon
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: getevent
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: getprop
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: gps_check
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: gpu_dcvsd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: hciattach
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: hciattach_check
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: hci_dev_state
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: hd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: hostapd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: hostapd_cli
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: hwdevctlservice
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: hw_scsi_switch
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: id
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: ifconfig
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: iftop
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: insmod
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: ioctl
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: ionice
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: iperf
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: ipth_dua
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: iw
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: kill
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: kmsgcat
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: ln
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: load_oemlogo
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: loc_api_app
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: log
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: ls
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: lsmod
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: lsof
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: md5
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mkdir
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-adec-omxaac-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-adec-omxadpcm-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-adec-omxamr-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-adec-omxamrwb-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-adec-omxevrc-hw-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-adec-omxmp3-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-adec-omxQcelpHw-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-adec-omxvam-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-adec-omxwma-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-adspsvc-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-aenc-omxaac-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-aenc-omxamr-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-aenc-omxevrc-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-aenc-omxqcelp13-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-audio-alsa-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-audio-ctrl-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-audio-mvs-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-jpeg-dec-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-jpeg-enc-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-jpeg-enc-test-client
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-pp-daemon
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-qcamera-daemon
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-qcamera-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-qcamera-testsuite-client
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-vdec-omx-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mm-venc-omx-test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: modempre
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mount
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mpdecision
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mtk_cmux
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: mv
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: nandread
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: netmgrd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: netstat
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: newfs_msdos
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: nfc_check
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: nl_listener
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: notify
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: n_smux
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: nvext
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: oeminfo_test
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: oem_rpc_svc
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: pand
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: pcscd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: port-bridge
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: printenv
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: ps
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: psatUtil
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: qmiproxy
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: qmuxd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: qosmgr
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: qrngd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: qrngtest
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: radish
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: reboot
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: rebootmgr
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: renice
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: rm
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: rmdir
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: rmmod
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: rmt_oeminfo
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: rmt_storage
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: route
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: sapd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: schedtop
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: sdptool
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: sendevent
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: setconsole
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: setprop
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: setup_fs
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: sh
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: shutdownanimation
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: sleep
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: sleeplogcat
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: smd
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: start
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: stop
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: subsystem_ramdump
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: sync
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: test_diag
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: test_gemini
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: testpcsc
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: testpcsc_sendapdu
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: thermald
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: top
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: touch
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: umount
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: uptime
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: usbhub
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: usbhub_init
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: v4l2-qcamera-app
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: vmstat
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: watchprops
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: widevinetest_rpc
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: wipe
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: wiperiface
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: wiperiface_v01
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: wl
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: wl_4330
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: wlan_detect
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: wmiconfig
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: wpa_cli
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: wpa_supplicant
    Only in /mnt/system/bin: write_NV_114

    Total of 181 files only in /mnt/system/*
  6. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast
    Jan 16, 2014

    Jan 16, 2014
    I would do the others but want to make sure this is exactly what you need
  7. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast
    Jan 16, 2014

    Jan 16, 2014
    2nd file; etc

    diff_etc.txt (105 hits)
    Line 1: Only in /mnt/system/etc: amzn.mshop.properties
    Line 4: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter.csv
    Line 5: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM7225A_U8185.csv
    Line 6: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM7225A_U8655.csv
    Line 7: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM7225A_U8655.VerE.csv
    Line 8: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM7225A_U8661.csv
    Line 9: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM7225A_U8665.csv
    Line 10: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM7227A_U8815.csv
    Line 11: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM7227A_U8815.VerE.csv
    Line 12: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM7625A_C8655.csv
    Line 13: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM7625A_M660.csv
    Line 14: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM8X25_C8812P.csv
    Line 15: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM8X25_C8825D.csv
    Line 16: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM8X25_C8950D.csv
    Line 17: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM8X25_U8825.csv
    Line 18: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM8X25_U8825D.csv
    Line 19: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM8X25_U8950.csv
    Line 20: Only in /mnt/system/etc: AudioFilter_MSM8X25_U8950D.csv
    Line 23: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: audio.conf
    Line 25: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: auto_pairing.conf
    Line 26: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: BCM4329B1_HW.hcd
    Line 27: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: BCM4329_check.hcd
    Line 28: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: BCM4330B1_1025_Huawei_H8686.hcd
    Line 29: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: BCM4330_check.hcd
    Line 30: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: BCM4330.hcd
    Line 31: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: blacklist.conf
    Line 34: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: did.conf
    Line 35: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: init.bcm.bt.sh
    Line 36: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: init.bcm.chip_off.sh
    Line 37: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: init.bcm.chip_on.sh
    Line 38: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: input.conf
    Line 39: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: iop_device_list.conf
    Line 40: Only in /mnt/system/etc/bluetooth: network.conf
    Line 41: Only in /mnt/system/etc: cdrom_install.iso
    Line 43: Only in /mnt/system/etc/dhcpcd: dhcpcd.conf
    Line 45: Only in /mnt/system/etc: external_sd.fstab
    Line 46: Only in /mnt/system/etc: fallback_fonts-ja.xml
    Line 48: Only in /mnt/system/etc: fir_filter
    Line 49: Only in /mnt/system/etc: firmware
    Line 52: Only in /mnt/system/etc: init.ath3k.bt.sh
    Line 54: Only in /mnt/system/etc: init.qcom.bt.sh
    Line 55: Only in /mnt/system/etc: init.qcom.coex.sh
    Line 56: Only in /mnt/system/etc: init.qcom.composition_type.sh
    Line 57: Only in /mnt/system/etc: init.qcom.efs.sync.sh
    Line 58: Only in /mnt/system/etc: init.qcom.fm.sh
    Line 59: Only in /mnt/system/etc: init.qcom.post_boot.sh
    Line 60: Only in /mnt/system/etc: init.qcom.post_fs.sh
    Line 61: Only in /mnt/system/etc: init.qcom.sdio.sh
    Line 62: Only in /mnt/system/etc: init.qcom.thermald_conf.sh
    Line 63: Only in /mnt/system/etc: init.qcom.wifi.sh
    Line 64: Only in /mnt/system/etc: init.target.8x25.sh
    Line 65: Only in /mnt/system/etc: internal_sd.fstab
    Line 66: Only in /mnt/system/etc: loc_parameter.ini
    Line 71: Only in /mnt/system/etc: nfcee_access.xml
    Line 73: Only in /mnt/system/etc: OperatorPolicy.xml
    Line 74: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.audio.low_latency.xml
    Line 75: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.bluetooth.xml
    Line 76: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.camera.xml
    Line 77: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.faketouch.multitouch.distinct.xml
    Line 78: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.faketouch.multitouch.jazzhand.xml
    Line 79: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.faketouch.xml
    Line 80: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.location.gps.xml
    Line 81: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.location.xml
    Line 82: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.microphone.xml
    Line 83: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.sensor.accelerometer.xml
    Line 84: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.sensor.compass.xml
    Line 85: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.sensor.light.xml
    Line 86: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.sensor.proximity.xml
    Line 87: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.telephony.gsm.xml
    Line 88: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.touchscreen.multitouch.distinct.xml
    Line 89: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.touchscreen.multitouch.jazzhand.xml
    Line 90: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.touchscreen.multitouch.xml
    Line 91: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.touchscreen.xml
    Line 92: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.usb.accessory.xml
    Line 93: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.usb.host.xml
    Line 94: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.wifi.direct.xml
    Line 95: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.hardware.wifi.xml
    Line 96: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: android.software.livewallpaper.xml
    Line 98: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: com.broadcom.bt.le.xml
    Line 99: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: com.broadcom.bt.xml
    Line 100: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: com.cequint.platform.xml
    Line 102: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: com.google.android.maps.xml
    Line 103: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: com.google.android.media.effects.xml
    Line 104: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: com.google.widevine.software.drm.xml
    Line 105: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: com.qualcomm.location.vzw_library.xml
    Line 107: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: gba-service-lib.xml
    Line 108: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: handheld_core_hardware.xml
    Line 109: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: hwframework.xml
    Line 110: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: jsr-api.xml
    Line 111: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: org.simalliance.openmobileapi.xml
    Line 113: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: qcnvitems.xml
    Line 114: Only in /mnt/system/etc/permissions: qcrilhook.xml
    Line 116: Only in /mnt/system/etc: process_bl.xml
    Line 117: Only in /mnt/system/etc: qosmgr_rules.xml
    Line 118: Only in /mnt/system/etc: reader.conf
    Line 120: Only in /mnt/system/etc: resolv.conf
    Line 121: Only in /mnt/system/etc: revoke_internet_apk.list
    Line 128: Only in /mnt/system/etc: thermald-8x25-msm1-pmic_therm.conf
    Line 129: Only in /mnt/system/etc: thermald.conf
    Line 130: Only in /mnt/system/etc: thermald-Y300-J1.conf
    Line 131: Only in /mnt/system/etc: updatecmds
    Line 132: Only in /mnt/system/etc: UserPolicy.xml
    Line 134: Only in /mnt/system/etc: vold.fstab
    Line 135: Only in /mnt/system/etc: wifi
    Line 136: Only in /mnt/system/etc: wiperconfig.xml
  8. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast
    Jan 16, 2014

    Jan 16, 2014
    diff_fonts.txt (4 hits)
    Line 5: Only in /mnt/system/fonts: DroidSans-Bold.ttf
    Line 6: Only in /mnt/system/fonts: DroidSansChinese.ttf
    Line 10: Only in /mnt/system/fonts: DroidSans.ttf
    Line 27: Only in /mnt/system/fonts: Roboto-Medium.ttf
  9. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast
    Jan 16, 2014

    Jan 16, 2014
    I've manually removed the lines that ended in odex

    Still don't know if this is correct/what you need...

    diff_framework.txt (59 hits)

    Line 17: Only in /mnt/system/framework: com.broadcom.bt.jar
    Line 18: Only in /mnt/system/framework: com.broadcom.bt.le.jar

    Line 21: Only in /mnt/system/framework: com.cequint.platform.jar

    Line 23: Only in /mnt/system/framework: com.google.android.maps.jar
    Line 25: Only in /mnt/system/framework: com.google.android.media.effects.jar
    Line 27: Only in /mnt/system/framework: com.google.widevine.software.drm.jar
    Line 29: Only in /mnt/system/framework: com.qualcomm.location.vzw_library.jar
    Line 31: Only in /mnt/system/framework: com.quicinc.cne.jar

    Line 41: Only in /mnt/system/framework: framework_ext.jar

    Line 46: Only in /mnt/system/framework: framework-res-hwext.apk

    Line 49: Only in /mnt/system/framework: gba-service-lib.jar
    Line 51: Only in /mnt/system/framework: hwframework.jar

    Line 59: Only in /mnt/system/framework: jsr-api.jar
    Line 62: Only in /mnt/system/framework: modemwarmup.jar

    Line 66: Only in /mnt/system/framework: org.codeaurora.Performance.jar
    Line 68: Only in /mnt/system/framework: org.simalliance.openmobileapi.jar
    Line 72: Only in /mnt/system/framework: qcnvitems.jar
    Line 74: Only in /mnt/system/framework: qcrilhook.jar
  10. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast
    Jan 16, 2014

    Jan 16, 2014
    diff_lib.txt (298 hits)
    Line 1: Only in /mnt/system/lib: bluez-plugin
    Line 4: Only in /mnt/system/lib/drm: libdrmhwomavoneplugin.so
    Line 5: Only in /mnt/system/lib/drm: libdrmwvmplugin.so
    Line 7: Only in /mnt/system/lib/egl: egl.cfg
    Line 8: Only in /mnt/system/lib/egl: eglsubAndroid.so
    Line 9: Only in /mnt/system/lib/egl: libEGL_adreno200.so
    Line 11: Only in /mnt/system/lib/egl: libGLESv1_CM_adreno200.so
    Line 12: Only in /mnt/system/lib/egl: libGLESv2_adreno200.so
    Line 13: Only in /mnt/system/lib/egl: libq3dtools_adreno200.so
    Line 14: Only in /mnt/system/lib: hciutils.so
    Line 15: Only in /mnt/system/lib/hw: audio.a2dp.default.so
    Line 17: Only in /mnt/system/lib/hw: audio_policy.msm7627a.so
    Line 20: Only in /mnt/system/lib/hw: audio.primary.msm7627a.so
    Line 22: Only in /mnt/system/lib/hw: camera.msm7627a.so
    Line 23: Only in /mnt/system/lib/hw: copybit.msm7627a.so
    Line 24: Only in /mnt/system/lib/hw: gps.default.so
    Line 26: Only in /mnt/system/lib/hw: gralloc.msm7627a.so
    Line 27: Only in /mnt/system/lib/hw: hwcomposer.msm7627a.so
    Line 29: Only in /mnt/system/lib/hw: libbcmfm_if.so
    Line 30: Only in /mnt/system/lib/hw: lights.msm7627a.so
    Line 32: Only in /mnt/system/lib/hw: nfc.huawei.so
    Line 35: Only in /mnt/system/lib/hw: sensors.default.so
    Line 36: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libaah_rtp.so
    Line 37: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libadc.so
    Line 38: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libagpstools.so
    Line 39: Only in /mnt/system/lib: liballjoyn.so
    Line 45: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libAppDataSearch.so
    Line 46: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libassd.so
    Line 47: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libaudcal.so
    Line 48: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libaudioalsa.so
    Line 50: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libaudioeq.so
    Line 52: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libaudioparameter.so
    Line 54: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libauth.so
    Line 57: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libbcc.so.sha1
    Line 59: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libbcm_fm_power.so
    Line 61: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libbluedroid.so
    Line 62: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libbluetoothd.so
    Line 64: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libbluetooth.so
    Line 65: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libbson.so
    Line 67: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libbtio.so
    Line 68: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libbt.so
    Line 69: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libbtsvc.so
    Line 74: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchip_management.so
    Line 75: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_hi542_default_video.so
    Line 76: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_hi542_preview.so
    Line 77: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_imx074_default_video.so
    Line 78: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_imx074_preview.so
    Line 79: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_imx074_video_hd.so
    Line 80: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_imx074_zsl.so
    Line 81: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_imx091_default_video.so
    Line 82: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_imx091_preview.so
    Line 83: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_imx091_video_hd.so
    Line 84: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_imx105_sunny_default_video.so
    Line 85: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_imx105_sunny_preview.so
    Line 86: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_mt9e013_default_video.so
    Line 87: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_mt9e013_preview.so
    Line 88: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_mt9e013_sunny_default_video.so
    Line 89: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_mt9e013_sunny_preview.so
    Line 90: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_mt9e013_sunny_video_hfr.so
    Line 91: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_mt9e013_video_hfr.so
    Line 92: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_mt9p017_default_video.so
    Line 93: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_mt9p017_preview.so
    Line 94: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov2720_default_video.so
    Line 95: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov2720_hfr.so
    Line 96: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov2720_preview.so
    Line 97: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov2720_zsl.so
    Line 98: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov5647_default_video.so
    Line 99: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov5647_ff_default_video.so
    Line 100: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov5647_ff_preview.so
    Line 101: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov5647_ff_video_hfr.so
    Line 102: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov5647_preview.so
    Line 103: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov5647_video_hfr.so
    Line 104: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov5647_y300_default_video.so
    Line 105: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov5647_y300_preview.so
    Line 106: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov8825_default_video.so
    Line 107: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov8825_preview.so
    Line 108: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov9726_default_video.so
    Line 109: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_ov9726_preview.so
    Line 110: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k3h2_default_video.so
    Line 111: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k3h2_preview.so
    Line 112: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k3l1yx_default_video.so
    Line 113: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k3l1yx_hfr_120fps.so
    Line 114: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k3l1yx_hfr_60fps.so
    Line 115: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k3l1yx_hfr_90fps.so
    Line 116: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k3l1yx_preview.so
    Line 117: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k3l1yx_video_hd.so
    Line 118: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k3l1yx_zsl.so
    Line 119: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k4e1_3_default_video.so
    Line 120: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k4e1_3_preview.so
    Line 121: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k4e1_3_y300_default_video.so
    Line 122: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k4e1_3_y300_preview.so
    Line 123: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k4e1_default_video.so
    Line 124: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k4e1_f_default_video.so
    Line 125: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k4e1_f_preview.so
    Line 126: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_s5k4e1_preview.so
    Line 127: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_vx6953_default_video.so
    Line 128: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromatix_vx6953_preview.so
    Line 129: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libchromeview.so
    Line 135: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libcm.so
    Line 136: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libcneapiclient.so
    Line 137: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libcnefeatureconfig.so
    Line 138: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libcneqmiutils.so
    Line 139: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libcneutils.so
    Line 140: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libCommandSvc.so
    Line 141: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libcommondefs.so
    Line 143: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libconfigdb.so
    Line 144: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libcontrast.so
    Line 149: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libcurl.so
    Line 153: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libDiagService.so
    Line 154: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libdiag.so
    Line 156: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libdivxdrmdecrypt.so
    Line 157: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libDivxDrm.so
    Line 159: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libdme_main.so
    Line 160: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libdnshostprio.so
    Line 165: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libdsi_netctrl.so
    Line 166: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libdsm.so
    Line 167: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libdsprofile.so
    Line 168: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libdss.so
    Line 169: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libdsucsd.so
    Line 170: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libdsutils.so
    Line 171: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libdualsimswitch.so
    Line 187: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libfacelock_jni.so
    Line 188: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libfastcvopt.so
    Line 191: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libfilterpack_facedetect.so
    Line 193: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libfilters.so
    Line 194: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libfm_common_hal.so
    Line 195: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libfm_hal.so
    Line 196: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libfm_jni.so
    Line 197: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libfm_volume.so
    Line 198: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libfrsdk.so
    Line 201: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libgcomm_jni.so
    Line 202: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libgemini.so
    Line 203: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libgenlock.so
    Line 204: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libgesture_client.so
    Line 205: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libgestureservice.so
    Line 206: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libgetzip.so
    Line 210: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libglib.so
    Line 211: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libgoggles_clientvision.so
    Line 212: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libgoogle_recognizer_jni_l.so
    Line 213: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libgps.so
    Line 214: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libgps.utils.so
    Line 215: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libgsdi_exp.so
    Line 216: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libgsl.so
    Line 217: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libgstk_exp.so
    Line 222: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libhdr.so
    Line 223: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libhwcexternal.so
    Line 224: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libHWColorPen.so
    Line 225: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libhwcservice.so
    Line 226: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libhwdevctl_client.so
    Line 227: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libhwdevctlservice.so
    Line 228: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libhw_flashlight.so
    Line 229: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libhwnv.so
    Line 230: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libhwrpc.so
    Line 231: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libhwtransfer.so
    Line 232: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libhwui.so
    Line 233: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libI420colorconvert.so
    Line 236: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libidl.so
    Line 237: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libifdsmartcardapi.so
    Line 238: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libimage-jpeg-enc-omx-comp.so
    Line 239: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libimage-omx-common.so
    Line 240: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libinputcore-2.so
    Line 248: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libjni_hwime.so
    Line 249: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libjni_hw_mosaic.so
    Line 250: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libjni_latinimegoogle.so
    Line 253: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libjni_pinyinime.so
    Line 256: Only in /mnt/system/lib: liblasic.so
    Line 257: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libloc_adapter.so
    Line 258: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libloc_api-rpc-qc.so
    Line 259: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libloc_eng.so
    Line 260: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libloc_ext.so
    Line 268: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmemalloc.so
    Line 269: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmm-abl-oem.so
    Line 270: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmm-abl.so
    Line 271: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmm-adspsvc.so
    Line 272: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmm-audio-resampler.so
    Line 273: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmcamera_faceproc.so
    Line 274: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmcamera_frameproc.so
    Line 275: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmcamera_hdr_lib.so
    Line 276: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmcamera_image_stab.so
    Line 277: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmcamera_interface2.so
    Line 278: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmcamera_statsproc31.so
    Line 279: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmcamera_wavelet_lib.so
    Line 280: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmgsdilib.so
    Line 281: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmipl.so
    Line 282: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmirunning.so
    Line 283: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmitest.so
    Line 284: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmjpeg.so
    Line 285: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmm-omxcore.so
    Line 286: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmosal.so
    Line 287: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmparser.so
    Line 288: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmrtpdecoder.so
    Line 289: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmmstillomx.so
    Line 290: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmomedia_audio_jni.so
    Line 293: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libmvs.so
    Line 298: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libnetmgr.so
    Line 300: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libnfc_jni.so
    Line 302: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libnfc.so
    Line 303: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libNimsWrap.so
    Line 304: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libnl_2.so
    Line 305: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libnmc.so
    Line 306: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libnmsp_speex.so
    Line 307: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libnv.so
    Line 308: Only in /mnt/system/lib: liboemcamera.so
    Line 309: Only in /mnt/system/lib: liboeminfodata.so
    Line 310: Only in /mnt/system/lib: liboeminfo.so
    Line 311: Only in /mnt/system/lib: liboem_rapi.so
    Line 312: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxAacDec.so
    Line 313: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxAacEnc.so
    Line 314: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxAc3HwDec.so
    Line 315: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxAdpcmDec.so
    Line 316: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxAmrDec.so
    Line 317: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxAmrEnc.so
    Line 318: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxAmrRtpDec.so
    Line 319: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxAmrwbDec.so
    Line 320: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxCore.so
    Line 321: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxEvrcDec.so
    Line 322: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxEvrcEnc.so
    Line 323: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxEvrcHwDec.so
    Line 324: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxH264Dec.so
    Line 325: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxIttiamVdec.so
    Line 326: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxIttiamVenc.so
    Line 327: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxMp3Dec.so
    Line 328: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxMpeg4Dec.so
    Line 329: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxOn2Dec.so
    Line 330: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxQcelp13Dec.so
    Line 331: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxQcelp13Enc.so
    Line 332: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxQcelpHwDec.so
    Line 333: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxrv9Dec.so
    Line 334: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxVidEnc.so
    Line 335: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxVp8Dec.so
    Line 336: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxWmaDec.so
    Line 337: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOmxWmvDec.so
    Line 338: Only in /mnt/system/lib: liboncrpc.so
    Line 341: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libOpenVG.so
    Line 342: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libortp_center.so
    Line 343: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libortp.so
    Line 344: Only in /mnt/system/lib: liboverlay.so
    Line 346: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libpbmlib.so
    Line 347: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libpcsclite.so
    Line 348: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libping_mdm.so
    Line 350: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libpn544_fw.so
    Line 351: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libpng.so
    Line 355: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libproduct_bt_check.so
    Line 356: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libprojectmenu.so
    Line 357: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libqcci_legacy.so
    Line 358: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libqc-opt.so
    Line 359: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libqdi.so
    Line 360: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libqdMetaData.so
    Line 361: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libqdp.so
    Line 362: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libqdutils.so
    Line 363: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libqmi_client_qmux.so
    Line 364: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libqmi_csvt_srvc.so
    Line 365: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libqmiservices.so
    Line 366: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libqmi.so
    Line 367: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libqsap_sdk.so
    Line 368: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libqueue.so
    Line 369: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libQWiFiSoftApCfg.so
    Line 371: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libril-qc-1.so
    Line 372: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libril-qc-qmi-1.so
    Line 373: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libril-qcril-hook-oem.so
    Line 375: Only in /mnt/system/lib: librpc.so
    Line 380: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libsc-a2xx.so
    Line 381: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libsecure_boot_keybox.so
    Line 384: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libSHIMDivxDrm.so
    Line 386: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libsnd.so
    Line 395: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libsrsprocessing.so
    Line 403: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libstagefrighthw.so
    Line 428: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libSwypeCore.so
    Line 432: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libtcpfinaggr.so
    Line 434: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libtilerenderer.so
    Line 435: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libtinyxml.so
    Line 438: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libuim.so
    Line 440: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libulp2.so
    Line 441: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libulp.so
    Line 444: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libv8.so
    Line 446: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libvideochat_jni.so
    Line 447: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libvideochat_stabilize.so
    Line 453: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libvoem_if.so
    Line 454: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libvoicerecorder.so
    Line 458: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libwidevine.so
    Line 459: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libwifidiag.so
    Line 460: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libwifi_test.so
    Line 462: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libwiperjni.so
    Line 463: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libwiperjni_v01.so
    Line 464: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libwms.so
    Line 465: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libwmsts.so
    Line 466: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libwnndict.so
    Line 467: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libWnnEngDic.so
    Line 468: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libWnnJpnDic.so
    Line 470: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libwvm.so
    Line 471: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libWVphoneAPI.so
    Line 472: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libxml2.so
    Line 473: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libxml.so
    Line 475: Only in /mnt/system/lib: libzy_imgdenoise.so
    Line 476: Only in /mnt/system/lib: modules
    Line 477: Only in /mnt/system/lib: pp_proc_plugin.so
    Line 478: Only in /mnt/system/lib: qnet-plugin.so
    Line 486: Only in /mnt/system/lib: tcp-connections.so
  11. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast
    Jan 16, 2014

    Jan 16, 2014
    diff_media.txt (64 hits)
    Line 1: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/alarms: Alarm_Beep_01.ogg
    Line 2: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/alarms: Alarm_Buzzer.ogg
    Line 3: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/alarms: Alarm_Classic.ogg
    Line 4: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/alarms: Alarm_Rooster_02.ogg
    Line 5: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/alarms: Aurora.ogg
    Line 7: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/alarms: Bond.ogg
    Line 19: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/alarms: TinMan.ogg
    Line 20: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/alarms: Twilight.ogg
    Line 21: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio: animationsounds
    Line 22: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: 8bit.ogg
    Line 23: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Abuzz.ogg
    Line 31: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Arrow.ogg
    Line 36: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Car_Lock.ogg
    Line 39: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Champagne.ogg
    Line 41: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Cuckoo.ogg
    Line 45: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Dazzle.ogg
    Line 47: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Digital.ogg
    Line 50: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Easy.ogg
    Line 59: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Kou_Xian.ogg
    Line 64: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Microwave_Oven.ogg
    Line 65: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Minds_Think_Alike.ogg
    Line 68: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Old_Bicycle.ogg
    Line 70: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Orpheus.ogg
    Line 80: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Royal_Horn.ogg
    Line 82: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Scrat.ogg
    Line 85: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Sheep.ogg
    Line 86: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Ship.ogg
    Line 93: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Ticktack.ogg
    Line 94: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Tinkly.ogg
    Line 98: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/notifications: Whistle.ogg
    Line 105: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Banana.ogg
    Line 106: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: B_Box.ogg
    Line 120: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Cartoon.ogg
    Line 122: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Cat.ogg
    Line 125: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Classical_Blues.ogg
    Line 133: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Digital_Ringtone.ogg
    Line 136: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Doorbell.ogg
    Line 139: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Eastern.ogg
    Line 141: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Elevator_Bossa.ogg
    Line 151: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Good_Place.ogg
    Line 152: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Granola_Good.ogg
    Line 153: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Grassland_Dance.ogg
    Line 154: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Great_Journey.ogg
    Line 156: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Haight_Ashbury.ogg
    Line 158: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Harmonica.ogg
    Line 160: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Horse.ogg
    Line 165: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Latin_Jazz.ogg
    Line 166: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Little_Ditty.ogg
    Line 174: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Music_Box.ogg
    Line 175: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Mystic_Harp.ogg
    Line 198: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Sax.ogg
    Line 201: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: September.ogg
    Line 206: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Siren.ogg
    Line 208: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Sneaky_Satellite.ogg
    Line 210: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Space.ogg
    Line 211: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Spring.ogg
    Line 214: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Summer.ogg
    Line 215: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Tap_Dance.ogg
    Line 216: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Technology.ogg
    Line 225: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Wake_Up.ogg
    Line 226: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Westlake.ogg
    Line 227: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ringtones: Westminster.ogg
    Line 243: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ui: VideoPause.ogg
    Line 244: Only in /mnt/system/media/audio/ui: VideoRecordEnd.ogg
  12. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast
    Jan 16, 2014

    Jan 16, 2014
    diff_usr.txt (7 hits)
    Line 2: Only in /mnt/system/usr/keychars: 7x27a_kp.kcm
    Line 3: Only in /mnt/system/usr/keylayout: 7k_handset.kl
    Line 4: Only in /mnt/system/usr/keylayout: 7x27a_kp.kl
    Line 5: Only in /mnt/system/usr/keylayout: atmel_mxt_ts.kl
    Line 7: Only in /mnt/system/usr/keylayout: ft5x06_ts.kl
    Line 9: Only in /mnt/system/usr/keylayout: surf_keypad.kl
    Line 15: Only in /mnt/system/usr/srec: en-US
  13. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast
    Jan 16, 2014

    Jan 16, 2014
    last file, vendor

    Only in /mnt/system/vendor: lib
    Only in /mnt/system/vendor: pittpatt
  14. EagerestWolf

    EagerestWolf Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter
    Nov 28, 2012

    That was exactly what I needed. Thank you.
  15. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast
    Jan 16, 2014

    Jan 16, 2014

    Trying to unlock mine at the moment. Any onboard app I can download to do this?

    Heck of a time getting correct drivers installed... keeps saying it is when it ain't. DC Unlocker error 231. Download mode. Bad driver. Arg!
  16. EagerestWolf

    EagerestWolf Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter
    Nov 28, 2012

    Nope, and if DC-Unlockr does not work you have to email mobile@huawei.com to request a code. Then do
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot oem unlock {code they sent you}

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