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[ROM] Hydra v2.0 - 04/19/13 - VM & SPRINT

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Artine, Jan 2, 2013.

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    Welcome to the LG Optimus Elite Development Team!!



    What is Project Hydra?

    In Greek mythology, the Lernaean Hydra was an ancient serpent-like chthonic water beast, with reptilian traits (as its name evinces), that possessed many heads — the poets mention more heads than the vase-painters could paint.

    Project Hydra, therefore, is the B.Y.O.R. (Build Your Own ROM) version of Sleipnir. It has all of the stock apps, audio, launcher, fonts, and theme and wallpaper, but it has all of the improvements and benefits of Sleipnir. It's the perfect, themeable, fusion of Stock and Sleipnir. This means you and your ROM's users gain all of the improvements the community has come up with that have been added to Sleipnir, and other improvements compiled from the top four ROMs, all under one roof so you don't have to do that work manually yourself.

    In fact, since you have all of those improvements under one roof, why not make some of your own, create a new theme, do something innovative with this improved base, and release it as your own project? This way, no one is without the improvements the community has come upon. I'd be happy if you tore this ROM apart and made it your own, that's what it's here for after all!

    Disclaimer / Warning

    I am not responsible if you brick your phone beyond repair.

    This is always a possibility.

    You have been warned.

    What's new?
    1. Completely updated to use Sleipnir v2.4.0.2 as the backbone on a fresh Aeneas build.
    2. Updated Google Play Store, Superuser, Superuser Binary, Busybox Binary, and Voice Search, as the ROM is now updateable.
    3. No more custom wallpaper, it is now default.
    4. The Legacy Boot Animation is the Android one, not Hydra.
    Current Build

    April 19th, 2013

    Android v2.3.7 - Gingerbread

    • Available for Download at DevHost
      • MD5: 9deff6158a25c83e88e35f00e641e4d4
    Virgin Mobile
    • Available for Download at DevHost
      • MD5: 13398aa0550f8311b4516aace70a21d6
    a. Please report any bugs and/or issues and/or comments below, any and all feedback is helpful!

    b. If you like my work, please consider brightening up my day here. Thank you.

    • If this is your first time:
      1. Make a Nandroid backup.
      2. Format /data once.
        • You can restore your data from a Nandroid backup (Note: only restore data), but do so only after Hydra has been installed, otherwise your phone will get stuck in a bootloop. The how-to guide can be found here.
      3. Install Hydra_vxxx.zip. The installer will take care of the rest.
        • xxx is the current ROM version number and service carrier letter.
      4. Under Advanced in CWM, select Fix Permissions.
      5. Reboot the phone via the Main Menu of CWM.
      6. Enjoy!
    • If you're just updating:
      1. Make a Nandroid backup.
      2. Install Hydra_vxxx.zip. The installer will take care of the rest.
        • xxx is the current ROM version number and service carrier letter.
      3. Under Advanced in CWM, select Fix Permissions.
      4. Reboot the phone via the Main Menu of CWM.
      5. Enjoy!
    • Here's a little 'tuneage whilst Hydra downloads and/or installs.
    Note: If you've changed your network settings through the device's hidden menu, after flashing Hydra (even just an update) you will have to change your settings once again, as they will be reverted back to their defaults. One example is changing your network to CDMA only, by following this thread's instructions. After flashing any ROM (including Hydra) you will have to make that change again if you wish to keep it. Information courtesy of elgecko.

    Features List
    • Aeneas/Harmonia's Tweaks
    • All of Tagged*'s features included and speed (this ROM was built from Tagged).
      • Holo Locker and Notifications Toggle are not included.
    • giantpune's custom kernel overclockable to 1.6 GHz.
    • init.d support and working scripting.
    • Default CPU Governor set to smartassV2.
    • Deodexed, and self-odexing post-install for end-user speed.
    • Optimized
    • Butter Smooth
    • Zipaligned
    • SD-Card Cache Set to 2048
    • Stock Launcher
    • Stock Font
    • Legacy Android Boot Animation
    • Giga hosts file generated from four different sources, including AdAway, Pimp My ROM, and more*
      • Meaning fewer / no ads whilst browsing the interwebs looking for pictures of cute and fluffy kittens.
    • Stock Audio.
    • Stock Theme.
    • All Stock Apps.
    • Alternate Default Wallpaper. Here is the full-sized version.
    How do I report a problem?
    1. Has the issue only just happened once (likely a fluke caused by an app and not because of the ROM)? Or, can you reliably repeat/replicate the issue (which would be a ROM problem)?
    2. Double check everything you've done, following all directions verbatim (word for word), and make sure that MD5 Sums match where applicable.
    3. Check the pages of this thread and the rest of the LG Optimus Elite and Elite All Things Root boards to see if someone hasn't had a similar problem you're experiencing, and if they did you can see what the solution may be.
    4. If none of the steps above have helped, feel free to create a post about the issue you're experiencing in this thread, detailing the problem in plain and clear English and what you have and have not done, and someone will get back to you ASAP.
    Prerequisites to Building Your Own ROM
    1. The Virgin Mobile or Sprint Hydra ROM.
    2. You will need a zip utility. Some examples are 7zip, WinZip, or WinRAR.
      • If you're using WinRAR, set WinRAR's default compression level to Normal.
      • If you extract everything and try to re-compress it, you will break things. Being Linux based, Windows will lose files making your ROM not work. So only open and drag things in and out. This applies to APK files as well.
    3. Open Office -> Writer |OR| Notepad++ for editing scripts and the installer (updater-script).
    4. An understanding of Linux code is NOT needed, but is helpful if you have it - I don't.
    And so, without further ado...

    The Components of a ROM
    Note: As Android is Open Source, be prepared for others to take some of your ideas, modifications, and/or implementations and add it themselves. If you do this, be sure to at least credit the individual who made the discovery/did the work before you, out of respect and kindness. Also, much of the following is taken from Leslie's Aeneas post, but not quite verbatim:

    Alarms, Notifications, Rintones, and UI

    Located in /system/media/audio, this part is probably self-explanatory. You can drag and drop .mp3s into these directories and when the ROM installs, users will have access to your custom A/N/R and, if you want to go a little further and either create custom mp3s for this or grab some from a ROM dump of another device, UI sounds.


    Apps are either stored in /system/app or /data/app.
    • In /system/app, apps stored here cannot be uninstalled, they must be deleted - however, they don't take up as much room, but there is a lot of bloatware here as well that does inhibit the performance of the device. Not every app can run from here.
    • In /data/app, apps stored here are be easily uninstallable by the user through settings. Most apps can be run from here. You can take apps from your phone located in this directory, copy them to your computer, and drop them in your ROM in progress in /data/app and they will be installed when the ROM is flashed/installed.
      • Note: Do NOT put pay apps, nor cracked apps, in your ROM.
    Guide to Apps

    For a complete and comprehensive guide for all of the apps specific to our phone, the LG Optimus Elite, see the http://androidforums.com/elite-all-things-root/664141-guide-removing-stock-apps-12-21-2012-a.html thread. It should contain everything you need to know as far as what to remove, what to keep, etc.


    Normally stored in /system/media, however I did not include one. These can be like mini movies. You can find a bootanimation on your Android forums of choice, such as this one or over on XDA, and drop the .zip into /system/media, and when the phone boots that animation will cover the legacy bootanimation. Here is a good thread full of bootanimations that can be downloaded. You want to look for Edify scripting for Bootanimations and UOT Kitchen theming, and the ideal dimensions for a bootanimation for the OE is anything at or within 320x480. Here is a link to download the CM10 bootanimation that used to be in Sleipnir - just drag and drop it into your ROM in /system/media and the phone will use it automatically.
    • Alternatively: You can change the legacy bootanimation by changing two files in the framework-res.apk, located in /system/framework. The files are located in /assets/images and are called android-logo-mask.png and android-logo-shine.png. These need to be .PNGs and you cannot change their size. The mask has clear lettering, the "shine" slides across behind it in a loop. It's a simple animation, but you can do a lot if you are creative.
    Boot Sound

    Located in /system/sounds, the file called PowerOn.mp3 is what plays when the phone boots up if you don't have your phone set to Silent. There is no PowerOn.mp3 included in Hydra by default, so feel free to replace the placeholder file with a PowerOn.mp3 of your choosing. You can edit this in an audio editing program such as Audacity, GoldWave, or Sony SoundForge, or simply take any .mp3 file you have on your device and rename it to PowerOn.mp3 (*nix, and therefore Android, is case sensitive), and put it in this directory and that will play on boot up. Alternatively, you can just remove the PowerOn.mp3 file and no sound will play on boot.


    Check the comments section for the project files to see which build.prop is which. If you're downloading the .zip of the project, the build.prop files are already sorted. If you are making both a Virgin Mobile and Sprint version of your ROM (f you are releasing your ROM publicly, you should make a variant for both), you need to switch the build.prop file to the appropriate one, or that build will not work correctly.

    There isn't much here that you'll have to change, but you will want to edit the 3rd, and perhaps 4th line:


    Replace the stars with the name of your ROM, this will show up in the “About Phone” section. If you want the text in the notifications panel or on the lockscreen to change, edit the following line:


    Replacing the stars with the name you would like to show up instead of, for example, "Virgin Mobile," or "Sprint."

    Make sure that the appropriate build.prop file is included in the appropriate build of your ROM. Based on Hydra, a Virgin Mobile or Sprint oriented build.prop is the only modification necessary to differentiate between a Sprint or Virgin Mobile ROM unless you make another modification of your own that needs to be changed for compatibility. An incorrect build.prop file will make the intended carrier's device unhappy.
    • Note: Do NOT change ro.product.model or ro.product.manufacturer, you will have issues in the Play Store if you do. Same goes for changing the LCD Density.
    Button Remapping

    Can be done in /system/usr/keylayout. If you want to remap a button, or remove functionality for a button altogether, you can edit the files in this directory. Some of the keys can be tricky to figure out which is which, for an example there are two Search buttons. The hardware/capacitive search button is Key #217.

    Changing XML Files

    If you open an APK or .Jar, you might not see all of the XML files or folders. There are Windows based APK tools (such as this) that can do this, but a simple zip tool cannot, so if you are looking for a file and cannot find it, this is why.


    Also stored in framework-res.apk, in the folder /res/drawable, and is called default_wallpaper.jpg. Simply drag in a .jpg image with the same dimensions (640x480 px) and the same name, and the default wallpaper will be replaced with the one you just placed in there, so when users boot up their phone the default wallpaper is now what you changed it to.

    Default / Home Launcher Replacement

    If you wish to replace the default Launcher that Android uses when people install your ROM, take whatever Launcher you have downloaded and installed from either /data/app, if it's installed as a user app, or /system/app if you made it the system default. Copy the .apk file into your ROM in progress in the /system/app directory, and rename it to Launcher2.apk. Now when people use your ROM, their default Launcher will be whatever launcher you added and renamed to Launcher2.apk.

    Extended Power Menu

    This is theoretical, but should work: It requires a modified framework.jar, android.policy.jar, and framework-res.apk, all located in /system/framework with extra icons that are located in the /res/drawable-mdpi folder of the framework-res.apk.
    What you could do is open up Sleipnir's framework-res.apk, and the UOT-modified framework-res.apk, and in /res/drawable select all of the files in the UOT-modified .apk, and drag them over to the Sleipnir .apk, which will overwrite Sleipnir's theme but should retain the icons necessary to the extended power menu, which in turn should (in theory) allow you to keep the extended power menu but with a different theme - if you're just re-theming Sleipnir. If you're building onto Hydra, you can then take the android.policy.jar and framework.jar files from Sleipnir, and drop them into /system/framework for Hydra after your theming.

    From here, make sure you have both the screencap and screenshot binary files from Sleipnir or the ICS Elite ROM, found in /system/bin, and from there edit the installer to give both the correct permissions, as follows:
    Code (Text):
    1. set_perm(0, 0, 0755, "/system/bin/screencap");

    Code (Text):
    1. set_perm(0, 0, 04755, "/system/bin/screenshot");
    And voila! You now have the extended power menu.


    Located in /system/fonts, you can drag and drop (as usual) different fonts in this directory, and the phone's display fonts will change accordingly. Don't like the ICS/JB Roboto font? You can change it to Comic Sans if you like, or something else. You can use Google-fu to find full packages of fonts for Android.

    hosts File

    Located in /system/etc, the hosts file is a file which contains both IP addresses and web addresses, and in turn blocks ads from those sources. A hosts file can be manually generated and/or edited by either yourself or an ad blocker, such as AdAway for Android. It should be noted that once a hosts file has been generated by an ad blocker, you do not need the ad blocker in order to get the benefits of an edited hosts file. Just copy the hosts file to /system/etc, and the user will experience less ads.


    Located in /system/etc/init.d, you can add, edit, or remove init.d scripts in this directory. As long as you give them the appropriate permissions in the installer (all of the ones currently present already have the correct permissions), they should run just fine. Integral to the init.d scripts is...


    Don't worry, this isn't a ghost from the firmware coming back to haunt you and remove CWM. In Hydra (and Sleipnir both), this script was modified to perform only one function: allow init.d scripts to run. Without it, they are non-functional. Feel free to open the script and take a look. It is located in /system/etc.

    Installer Editing

    The ROM installer is located in /META-INF/com/google/android. The actual script is called updater-script. DO NOT edit with Notepad (using Notepad can mess up the file) - you need to either download Open Office and use Writer or download Notepad++ (links provided in the Prerequisites). There isn't a whole lot that needs to be changed, but it can be personalized - and if you're making changes to the init.d scripts or adding some of your own, you'll need to set the correct permissions for those files in the Installer as well. For additional help, I've added notes the installer, preceded with #s, from Sleipnir in order to break down what's going on in the Installer for you, that you can see if you open the Installer with Notepad++ or Writer. All in all, it's actually pretty easy to understand.

    If you want to know more about the updater-script or Edify, see this thread.


    Located in /data, this should be left alone. This is for Supercharger/Adrenaline.


    This is needed for the self-odexing procedure done by the Installer. This should be left alone.


    Located in a few different directories (such as /data/local), the placeholder file exists to prevent the removal of the directory when no files are present in it. The size of the file is 0kb, and thus does not take up space/weigh the ROM down. Unless you are putting a file in a directory where a placeholder file exists, you should not remove the placeholder file.

    ROM Signing

    /META-INF, which contains the installer, also has the signing. If you use the optional statusbars, you don't import this. If you do, you will wipe out the ROM installer.

    Search Button Remap to Camera

    For Virgin Mobile: Download this .zip file. This is also available in the Hydra Project link (but not in the .zip, as this is optional). You will need to do the following:
    • Replace the kernel/x_boot.img with the boot.img in the .zip.
      • Just delete the old one and add the one from the .zip in.
    • Elitescript, found in /system/bin should go into the same directory of your ROM in progress.
    • The installer contains only the two lines you will need to add/modify in your ROM's installer.
    • Finally, navigate to /system/usr/keylayout, and drop the touch_mcs8000.kl file from the .zip into your ROM in progress.
    Once all four components are in place, when the end-user flashes your ROM they will have had their search button remapped to the stock camera.

    For Sprint: TBD.

    Signing your ROM

    Signing is optional, but you will want to tell your users they will have to disable the signature check in recovery. If you still want to sign it, search Google for “sign zip,” you will find plenty of results. This, for example, is one such result.

    /system/app Replacement

    • On a ROM: To replace a system app with another app you've downloaded, make sure that the /system/app directory is set/remounted to R/W. Then just copy and paste the app in there, reboot the phone into recovery, wipe the dalvik cache twice, then reboot the phone normally. If you want an Mms.apk to be replaced with another, make sure the names match case-for-case, to the letter, and the replacement app will overwrite the one being replaced.
    • While Building a ROM: Even simpler; just drag and drop your chosen app into /system/app. If you want an Mms.apk to be replaced with another, make sure the names match case-for-case, to the letter, and the replacement app will overwrite the one being replaced.

    And here we are at last: Theming your ROM. Whether you want it to look like ICS, JB, ICS/JB, or something else entirely, there are two files you need to edit: SystemUI.apk located in /system/app, and framework-res.apk located in /system/framework. The directory containing the files you need to edit in order to do theme work is the same: /res/drawable-mdpi. A wonderful theming tool for Android is UOT Kitchen.
    • Note: In some cases, both framework-res and SystemUI have icons for the same component. One example of this is the Battery Icon component - both SystemUI and framework-res have files for the Battery Icon. In order to theme in this case, both sets of files have to match, or be identical. Signal Bars are located in SystemUI, if you'd like to theme those, as well.

    There are several threads/resources, some aforementioned but included to bring them all under one roof, that may be of great value to you as you embark on your ROM Developing journey to the following funky beat.Uploading and Hosting your ROM

    DevHost is an excellent option for the ROM (similar download speeds to Mediafire, similar upload speeds to SendSpace). DevHost also generates an MD5 Sum for you so you don't have to find it manually. Mediafire and SendSpace are both great for mirrored uploads (meaning the same file is uploaded to another location in case, for whatever reason, the primary location is down). For images for your thread, Photobucket and Imageshack are great.

    And so, here we go, down the road.


    Most of the credit goes to Hashtag, Curtis, KTB, giantpune, and Leslie Ann. Please thank them for their contributions and their hard, quality work and assistance in building this ROM. Also thanks to pilot03 for helping me get a Sprint version of both Sleipnir and, as a direct result, Hydra, up and going. Please thank all of them for their hard, quality work, and their assistance in helping to build this ROM. Without it, without them, and without you, this ROM would not exist.
    Thank you.

  2. KSC7

    KSC7 Newbie

    Hi Artine. Thanks for making this thread. I have already begun to play around with this. I already have a couple of questions.

    • I tried the UOT kitchen with the framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk from Sleipnir just as an experiment. The main issue I had was that I lost the great custom start menu that you have created. Do you have any tips that might help me avoid breaking the start menu? Does Hydra have the same custom start menu as Sleipnir?

    • Also, could you clarify your description of the boot animation? I followed the link to the XDA developers forum to look at boot animations. Each animation is offered in several different formats; Edify, CM7 (mtd),and MIUI (mtz). Which type should I choose for the OE?
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  3. Artine

    Artine Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Hydra will have one more update in the next hour or two with two minor changes: the Legacy bootanimation is about to change, following what I just did with Sleipnir on v2.3.8 in progress (will probably be out tonight), and a build.prop update since I noticed it still says 1.0.0 (installer too, but thankfully that's all that's left :) ).

    Now onto your questions, use Edify as it has been the standard since GB took over, and for dimensions for a bootanimation you're looking at 480x320. The CM10 animation in Sleipnir is 320x320.

    As for the extended start/power menu, no, that is not included in Hydra. It requires a modified framework.jar, android.policy.jar, and framework-res.apk, all located in /system/framework with extra icons that are located in the /res/drawable-mdpi folder of the framework-res.apk.
    What you could do is open up Sleipnir's framework-res.apk, and the UOT-modified framework-res.apk, and in /res/drawable select all of the files in the UOT-modified .apk, and drag them over to the Sleipnir .apk, which will overwrite Sleipnir's theme but should retain the icons necessary to the extended power menu, which in turn should (in theory) allow you to keep the extended power menu but with a different theme - if you're just re-theming Sleipnir. If you're building onto Hydra, you can then take the android.policy.jar and framework.jar files from Sleipnir, and drop them into /system/framework for Hydra after your theming, and you should have the extended power menu in Hydra.

    If you're wondering why it was removed in Hydra, it was because I can easily see many of us installing either your own build from Hydra, or even installing Sleipnir, onto your friends/girlfriends/boyfriends phones, and they wouldn't have a need for the extended power menu (just a regular one is what should suffice), or even on the phones of relatives. TL;DR for the most part, I think only developers would be interested in those extra features. They can always be added back in, of course.

    EDIT: I made the instructions clearer than before.
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  4. Artine

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    Hydra 1.0.3 is up, I changed the build.prop and installer for accuracy (most important), and altered the Legacy bootanimation. In the OP, I've included bootanimation specs and a link to the CM10 bootanimation that was used initially in Sleipnir. There shouldn't be another build of Hydra unless there needs to be bug fixes.
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  5. amaranthine

    amaranthine Newbie

    Cool! Now I can start working on that no-bloat completely stock Gingerbread ROM I've always dreamed of. I assume I can get a full clean Android experience just by using this ROM as is?
  6. Artine

    Artine Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    That would be Sleipnir :) Hydra is for building your own ROM, based on Sleipnir, and has literally all of the apps that come with the phone (not debloated, but you could create a ROM based on Hydra that is debloated, and would thus mostly-just be themed differently than Sleipnir) :)
  7. Artine

    Artine Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I've just reuploaded the full sized wallpaper as when I test-downloaded it, it couldn't/wouldn't open for some reason. I noticed a few of you did download it, so for those of you that did and were disappointed by this, I apologize and the working version is now up.

    Also, a good note is that if you're building a Sprint version of your ROM (really you should, if you're going to release it here), you need the Sprint build.prop file, and need to switch the Virgin Mobile one out with the Sprint one for the separate build, or it will not work correctly. This note has been added to the build.prop section of the OP.

    Additionally, there is now a Threads section in the OP that could be potentially very useful to take a look at, as well as a section regarding the /Odex folder you may have noticed when tearing apart the build.
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  8. Artine

    Artine Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    There is now a section on how to do the Search Button Remap for your ROM(s). As of right now, this only applies to Virgin Mobile as the kernel is geared only towards Virgin Mobile.

    I'm looking forward to seeing some new Custom ROMs soon, and hope you're all working on some - the OE does need more developers!
  9. DsyMnapTic

    DsyMnapTic Android Expert

    You know.....I agree and I have to say I think its kinds of odd that there's not more development going on with this phone. I mean for its price range and in comparison to other phones out in that range right now, imho this phone is actually a really good phone. The fact alone that it runs at 1.6GHz stably is amazing and it would seem that, that was actually accomplished pretty early in the life time of this phone. As compared to other phones I've been on, there have been many Roms and kernels before they were ever able to clock the phone to its max potential. With that point aside, some of the super phones of within the last couple years are still selling around 200 dollars and despite maybe a better display, IMO they don't touch the elite now......So I don't know, what's the deal? Apparently it doesn't appear that any more elites are being sold in my area and that's been for at least 4 months now or close to it, maybe they were recalled, because LG ****** up and put way better technology than they thought in them:p
  10. blizard

    blizard Newbie

    Can I put cracked paid apps In the rom
  11. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Only if you want to gain an infraction here for piracy and put your posting privileges at risk.

    Not sure why you feel entitled to steal in the first place, much less think that sharing that is somehow ok.
  12. Artine

    Artine Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Although there is a fair point of freedom of information and wanting to spread gift culture (both of which are understandable and should be celebrated)...

    ... the place for either of those things is not here. Read: Do not put paid apps in your ROM. This is covered in the OP. It is unfair to the Android app developers to do this, much less cracked versions. Android, while open source enough as it is, is also a platform some developers can utilize to win earnings for their hard, quality work (provided it is quality, after all), and so to include a cracked version of an app or a paid-for version of an app is unfair to them. Perhaps in a totalitarian regime this would be fine, or anywhere outside of things such as open source projects, but the world Android is not under such a regime, and therefore piracy is neither necessary (since what, >90% of it is free anyway?) nor respectful in the world of Android.
  13. blizard

    blizard Newbie

  14. HaTrEd360

    HaTrEd360 Android Expert

    Not to mention if you were to do that, it would give someone the opportunity to then make a backup of the paid app and install it in any rom they want. I remember actually looking at the .apk in ICS Elite and it was from a website other than play.google.com and it was Holo Launcher. But idk if that's in the most recent version since I'm not on that Rom.
  15. julian35961

    julian35961 Well-Known Member

    Nice guide! It will get more people to develope roms for the device.
  16. julian35961

    julian35961 Well-Known Member

    Call the Android Police on you.
  17. Artine

    Artine Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So I hope :p
  18. MacFett

    MacFett Android Expert

    Any chance of getting the extended power menu and screen shot from sleipnir added to hydra? I had to make the switch because I couldn't get activate to work in sleipnir.
  19. Artine

    Artine Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    If you have the necessary apps in /system/app, and reboot, you should be able to use Activate just fine. EDIT: As far as the extended power menu, there's a lot involved with it. It's detailed in a previous post in this very thread. But no, it's not being included by default in Hydra.
  20. MacFett

    MacFett Android Expert

    I've added the two files needed to run activate and it does nothing.
  21. HaTrEd360

    HaTrEd360 Android Expert

    Did you set permissions for the two files and rebooted?
  22. MacFett

    MacFett Android Expert

    Yes i did, it does not work.
  23. Artine

    Artine Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    There is now a section on how to replace the Default / Home Launcher, which was prompted by a post a few days back by DraeHD.
  24. pOsSuM72

    pOsSuM72 Android Enthusiast

    Just curious is there a limit to adding ringtones or notifications?
  25. Artine

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    Thread Starter


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