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Root [Rom info] CyanogenMod 10 for Elf II, Aurora II, Crystal, Flame Fire, W22PRO (2012-12-20) by C troy.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bubbasd, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. bubbasd

    bubbasd Well-Known Member
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    Jun 28, 2012

    Jun 28, 2012
    whats CyanogenMod?
    Below is the original post by christian troy below download/other links taken out by me the source below is where you'll find them
    CyanogenMod 10 for Elf II, Aurora II, Crystal, Flame Fire, W22PRO (2012-12-20)


    * UbiFS (like stock roms)
    * Bluetooth USB dongle support
    * USB GPS support (cp210x and pl2303)
    * Xbox 360 gamepad support (xpad)
    * PS3 USB gamepad support (hid-sony)
    * Generic / chinese (Pantherlord / GreenAsia) gamepads support (hid-pl and hid-gaff)
    * OpenVPN support (tun)
    * Veno congestion control algorithm


    * Unrar the content of this (CWM v5.5.0.4 20121026) archive and put it in the root of a MicroSD.
    * Put rom (cm10_elf2_$DATE.zip) and gapps (gapps-jb-$DATE-signed_ubifs.zip) files inside internal or external sdcard.
    * Turn on the tablet keeping pressed VOL- and POWER untill you see the green droid.
    * Select "Wipe data / factory reset" (you can use volume rocker to move up/down and power button to confirm).
    * Flash rom (cm10_elf2_$DATE.zip), gapps (gapps-jb-$DATE-signed_ubifs.zip) and, the required compatibility zip.
    * Now select "Reboot system now".
    * Enjoy CyanogenMod 10!

    - Changelog -


    * Last CM10 build
    * Fixed latest YouTube fc
    * Fixed audio with some games
    * Other minor stuff
    * Updated upstream sources

    Compatibility zip

    * ELF-II v1.7
    * Aurora-II v2.8 (if you have troubles you can always use v1.3.1 as fallback)
    * Crystal v1.7 (like Aurora's users, if you have troubles use v1.0.3 as fallback)
    * Crystal (new batch) v1.1
    * Ramos W22 PRO v1.2
    * Fire TM v1.6 - CWM v5.5.0.4
    * Fire QM v1.7 - CWM v5.5.0.4

    Compatibility zip (AdHoc support)
    * Elf-II v1.7
    * Aurora-II v2.8
    * Fire TM v1.6
    * Fire QM v1.7

    Known bugs

    * You tell me...


    * If you're coming from a stock based rom, it's better if you use "stock" recovery to format "media" partition (the internal memory). And it'd be better if you don't use Google's backup/restore service to avoid breakages.
    * Internal memory is mounted at /storage/sdcard0, external sdcard is mounted at /storage/sdcard1. If you wanna swap them (and make primary your real microsd) just flash this file after flashing rom's zip (you have to do it everytime you flash a new version of the rom)
    * If you wanna increase the microphone capture volume open terminal emulator and after typing "su" type "alsa_amixer sset Capture 63"
    * If you don't like Nexus 7 fingerprint and wanna use SGS-II instead flash this zip. Remember that changing fingerprint may screw Play Store, if it happens you'll have to perform a "wipe data / factory reset".

    this Source:ciao:
    "jellybean-aml" repos






    ---Old Changelogs----


    * Other minor stuff
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Added reboot to recovery (you must have flashed CWM to the NAND or it will boot to stock recovery)
    * Aurora-II / Elf-II: new compatibility zip (fixes stuck g sensor for people that had problems)
    * Other minor stuff
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Fixed Netflix 2.x compatibility
    * Potential fix for the few games that were still having a choppy/stuttering audio
    * Aurora-II / Elf-II: fixed unresponsive WiFi when the screen was turned off
    * Other minor stuff
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Updated compatibility zips for Elf, Aurora and Crystal
    * Re-inserted missing file that broke wifi
    * Increased amplayer buffer; flash videos using latest apk work decently and in hw mode. Sometimes you may not hear audio but toggling fullscreen mode will fix it.
    * Other minor stuff
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Updated many compatibility zips, please check the section below
    * Fixed HDMI (dual display and single panel) on Fire
    * Updated elf/aurora DHD driver (and moved to NL80211 mode instead of WEXT)
    * Cherry-picked "bionic: Add ARMv7 optimized string handling routines" commit
    * Other minor stuff
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Fire / Flame: new compatibility zip
    * Updated amlogic video playback library (now seek is working in apps like YouTube)
    * Added "Expanded desktop" capabilities (enable it from Power Menu's settings to be able to hide status bar)
    * Other minor stuff
    * Updated upstream sources

    2012-10-18 (repack)

    * Now ELF-II requires a compatibility zip too. I've removed boot.img from the main rom because if someone with a Fire forgets the compatibility zip he can damage the touchscreen. So better safe than sorry, just add the compatibility zip in the pipe of the flashing files
    * ELF-II: updated kernel (added BFQ I/O scheduler as default and enabled cgroup_autosched).
    * Aurora-II: updated kernel (new compatibility zip includes a kernel very close to the ELF-II one)
    * Crystal: moved to ELF-II kernel
    * Ramos W22 PRO: updated compatibility zip, now both cameras should work
    * Fire / Flame: initial support for both TM/QM screens
    * Removed PPP Widget since it was causing troubles to Crystal's wlan
    * Android detects both usbnet/eth ethernet (to use ethernet you have to type these commands from terminal emulator: "su; netcfg eth0/usbnet0 up; netcfg eth0/usbnet0 dhcp")
    * Other minor stuff
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Bump Android version to 4.1.2
    * Fixed (maybe) pops during sleep
    * Crystal: added initial support
    * Other minor stuff
    * Updated upstream sources


    * ELF-II: default to 1.5 GHz kernel (clocked at 1.32 GHz)
    * Aurora-II: download new compatibility zip v1.3
    * Added JB Power HAL (with pulseboost support). Don't install any app like SetCPU because it will be handled at a lower level. I've added a couple of goodies too, you can manage cpu min/max freq with display on/off editing the following values in /system/build.prop

    As you can see if defaults to 408 MHz / 1320 MHz with display ON and 96 MHz / 1008 MHz with display off.
    Don't change governor or the power HAL won't be used.
    * Added support for amlogic ril. Supported modems will work out of the box, the other can be used with the included PPP Widget
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Fixed screen unresponsiveness with some games (Angry Birds after a pinch for example)
    * Fixed camera detection, now Face Unlock will work.
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Updated camera HAL library with a jelly bean one (from zenithink c97 firmware). Now all video chat programs should work (it's been tested with Skype and GTalk).
    * Updated libaml-ril.so (from c97 jelly bean)
    * Replaced CM's Superuser (that right now has problems "remembering" permissions) with SuperSu
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Fixed choppy audio in game
    * Reverted "older" libsurfaceflinger because it seems fixed upstream
    * Changed something in the rild (again)
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Fixed video recording (again!)
    * Fixed touch problem with some games
    * Changed WiFi wake lock implementation
    * Minor change to ril daemon
    * Removed 20 pixels "frame" limit from touchscreen's driver
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Fixed 3-dot menu thing (if it still doesn't work be sure that under "Settings -> System -> Hardware buttons" "Menu button"'s entry is assigned to "open/close menu")
    * Added an option under Display Settings to enable/disable Tablet UI (this feature replaces the build.prop entry)
    * Added "u3gmonitor", an app included in AllWinner releases that should automatically launch usb_modeswitch on dongles that require it. Report any change because if it doesn't work I'll remove it. Note that if your dongle is recognized as a SD card you have to disable Mass-Storage mode (refer to Google because every dongle is different).
    * Some minor changes
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Spoofed as Nexus 7 (if you have any trouble with Play Store clear both "Google services framework" and "Google play store" data)
    * Fixed FC on license check of some games (specially gameloft one)
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Fixed video recording
    * Bluetooth dongle now supports hotplug
    * Different options under "Settings" if you're using tablet or phablet UI (for example to customize status bar toggles)
    * Reverted default governor to "conservative", if you need more power you can set it from performance settings. Use "performance2" not "performance" or it will cap cpu to the higher frequency
    * Experimental: older surfaceflinger library, let's see if it really improves performance with some games or it is only placebo
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Camera is working again
    * Fixed volume rocker audio control
    * Re-added move 2 internal SD feature
    * Added a new menu entry in "Display settings" to toggle HDMI dual/single view
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Fixed USB storage in Tablet UI
    * Fixed HDMI connection (if you wanna use the dualdisplay feature just remove the "#" character from "#ro.vout.dualdisplay2=true" entry in file /system/build.prop)
    * Updated upstream sources


    * Added NTFS and ExFat support
    * Added usb_modeswitch
    * Changed max frequency to 1320 MHz and default governor to performance2
    * Fixed camera preview
    * Fixed camera orientation on remote side
    * Fixed audio capture
    * Updated upstream sources


    * First release, pretty much everything is working. If you wanna use the "phablet" (aka Nexus7) ui have a look at FAQs section, I've created a system property to manage it.



  2. bubbasd

    bubbasd Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter
    Jun 28, 2012

    Jun 28, 2012
    those with cm10 sound skipping issues check here. (not needed now ive taken out the link)
    came across this today i hope that fixes gtavc sound probs, apparantly seemed to with gta3.


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