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Jun 1, 2011
1. Download SuperUser from and put the zip file on your sdcard Downloads - Downloading

2. Boot phone into CWM

3. Install zip from SDcard

4. Select Superuser-****.zip

5. Yes

6. Wait then reboot when prompted.

7. You should now have root.

This does not come with busy box so you'll have to download the busy box installer by jRummy16 from the market. The current version of busybox that comes with CTMod 3.5 is 1.18.0

This is by no means my own work and I'm only posting this alternative because some people may find it useful. I personally wouldn't want to download the entire Odin archive for FA19 just to have root because it's way bigger than I actually need (and since my primary internet is my tethered SGP it's fairly slow)

Many of you who took the FA19 update will likely already have CWM from playing around with other mods etc.. Because of this I felt this may be a viable alternative to the OCR from ShabbyPenguin that no longer works as of the FA19 update and the large download of odin.
Is that so people can check the MD5 first? Good idea. Do you mind if I update the OP to contain your link? I'll put it in there for now, if you don't want me to I'll remove it.

Also, thanks for the Input, I saw your old OCR thread and thought there has to be a way to install SU from CWM. A lot of people will have CWM and just took the update so they can still get root even though the exploit doesn't work on FA19.
90% of samsung devices are rooted via cwm or a pre-rooted kernel, you guys got luucky and had killing me softly from interdpth work and root yall, once you got cwm, you were forever rooted as long as you had the way to flash it via odin :)

and no i posted the link for ya ;) from my understanding some people would like the goo app to be setup for people.. so ive been chatting witha couple of people about how to get goo manager app (think acs updater, but easier to use, better, and is automated for adding in new roms etc... dont mean to derail your thread but anyone devs wanting the lowdown eitehr hit me up in irc or pm me :D
No biggie Shabby. Glad to see you're still helping out around here, lurking in the shadows and waiting to pounce when something needs fixin :D