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Root [ROOT][ROM]8.9StariROM_1.1 Fastboot install! (Has TWRP installer)(4/12/2013)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lizzord30, Apr 13, 2013.

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    Oct 9, 2011
    This is a Rom based on stock Amazon 8.3.0 With ROOT, Tweaks, many Amazon stuff removed, And Go Launcher EX
    **** Use at your Own Risk! I take no responsibility for any damages and or Deaths to you, your Kindle, or anything else, remotely related to the installing, usage, or Testing Of this!!*******
    8.9StariROM is Only for the Kindle HD 8.9!!

    For any TWRP info go to Hashcodes posts Here for latest version
    and here for install if any issues with TWRPhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2128175
    Thanks alot to Hashcode for everything you have done for the Kindle, and TWRP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Red is for things changed!
    Apps Preinstalled:
    Android News and Weather app
    Go Launcher EX
    Go Locker! (select go locker as default launcher at boot up)

    Google Chrome
    ES File Explorer
    Gallery (stock ICS)
    Google Now!!!!!! Link to XDA Post
    Google Keep
    KFHD xsettings Link to XDA Post
    LMT Launcher (provides Black home settings and search replacing stock soft key bar) Link to XDA Post
    Button Savior
    Market Helper Link to info
    Play Store Updated!!!
    Sidebar Lite
    WallChanger (use to set wallpaper)
    Widget Picker
    Plus a few Widgets: for Calculator, Calendar, and clock
    Tweaks: Pimp my rom did to it (not APK)Link to XDA Post

    Amazon stuff still left in:
    Amazon MP3's
    Amazon Video
    Amazon Appstore (can search and add your apps you one but cant find a list of them)
    Kindle Docs
    Anything else you want like Kindle you can get from the Google Play Store.

    OTA should be blocked! (Hope it worked)


    Deregister your kindle before restarting under settings My account

    Download file Here

    Extract the file to c:\ (so should have C:\Root then all the files extracted their)

    Click on 8.9StariROM_Installer.bat Fallow Directions Given!

    If you already have TWRP go to step 6:
    After reboot if you get Red Screen means you dont have TWRP then run FixRedScreen.bat that is in the Root folder

    Download This File Also

    Exact file to SDCARD\TWRP\BACKUP\000000\ in its own folder

    Restart Kindle and go into TWRP by Holding Up button When the Blue Kindle Fire is showing at boot

    Once in TWRP Restore the Folder you Just Extracted to your Kindle

    Click the home button then Click Wipe Then Factory Reset
    Once done reboot and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dont forget to add amazon account and google account plus set the time.
    And Set Wallpaper with Wallchanger app (under tools, in the app drawer)

    If you want the Kindle Fire HD Kindle Reader To view books


    Remove your kindle app from playstore first

    Copy this file to your Kindle!

    Turn off your Kindle and use volume up to get into TWRP when you turn it on

    Go to install and select the file that you downloaded and copied onto your Kindle (amazoncrap.zip)

    Wipe Cache/Dalvik

    Reboot System

    once Started Click check box and click on GO Locker

    To View your books clock on Home under app drawer! Dont use Kindle.


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