Sep 13, 2010
I'm a Pixel 3 XL user and about to switch to the S22 Ultra (256 GB) that I purchased. However, I'm thinking about selling it locally for $980 and buying the Pixel 6 Pro for basically the same money after tax. So considering price is the same, which should I get? Consider:

1. I like the stock Android feel of my Pixel (not a lot of extra bloatware). I don't want extra stuff installed - or overly fancy interface that just sends up slowing the phone down or causing more bugs. For any of you that have used both, is the Samsung interface smooth, simple, and not buggy? Or do you prefer the Pixel's more basic interface?

2. Battery life is important. I hear the S22 Ultra isn't great. And I've heard that about the Pixel 6 Pro. Tests seem to show them pretty similar, if not better on the S22. But user reviews (real life usage) seem to say the Pixel does better than the Samsung?

3. I'm very interested in the camera quality (I do a lot of travel photography - city scenes, nature/wildlife, etc and want a good camera for when I'm not taking my high end digital camera), but they seem to be a wash to me. Both look like great quality pictures with minor differences; maybe a bit better with the Pixel. And the S22 has 2 different Zoom levels, but considering the higher Megapixel count on the Pixel's 4x Zoom, you can crop zoom with the Pixel and have about the same as the 10x zoom levels with the S22 Ultra.

4. Others: The S Pen is cool, but not sure I'll use it.
The rounded corners of the Pixel seem less likely to cause cracked screens than the S22's sharp corners?
Future trade in value? Seems like that would be an easy win for Samsung when comparing S21 Ultra and Pixel 5 trade in values...
I've read the Pixel's speech to text (for texting, etc) is much better than Samsung's - is that true? I use that a lot...
Speed for things like gaming isn't very important to me.
Reliability *IS* :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the options considering what's important to me! Thanks,

I don't use the S-pen AT ALL, but YYMV. Wife has Pixel 6 Pro, and hands down the S22 Ultra is superior in every way. Samsung used to get lambasted for their UI, but I find it superior these days, it's as close to stock as possible without being a Pixel.