S5 home button and what it launches...

When I had Opera Betal installed on my Samsung Galaxy S5 then holding down the home button (long press) started Opera.

Nice tweak since I then saved on "icon" on the home screen (getting 6 shortcuts including web browser).

I actually thought this was the standard. SO I was a bit disappointed when I uninstalled Opera to use the stock browser.

Then I discovered that long-pressing the home button not opens Internet anymore, but just "Google search" (which I never use).

So, any have any idea if it's possible to change what is launched when pressing the "home key"?

SInce Opera found a way to reprogram it is possible. Why isn't there a setting for it somewhere?


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Well, with the OEM release on 4/11, I was able to choose what the Home Key did.

But, unfortunately, I allowed one update to occur and that menu item was removed on my Verizon phone.

I have not tried it again to see, but maybe, it is a one time selection in the Setup Wizard?