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Samsung Europa i5500 - Internet Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by torredroid, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. torredroid

    torredroid Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Pulling my hair out and not much left.
    The past few days I have not been able to get the Internet, nor my Gmail mail. I have researched these forum pages but havn't been able to resolve the problem.

    Here are some details (pertinent or not)

    First, I have inserted the sim (3 Network) on another Three phone and I can get the Internet, so I am guessing it is the phone.

    In Wireless & Networks, APN. it says 3 three.co.ukapndroid followed with a green spot in a circle

    About Phone Details. Under Mobile Network Type is says "UMTS"
    Service State says "In Service"
    Mobile Network State "Disconnected"

    If I press my email Icon I get the following message........"Setup could not finish - Application not available - Enable the data connection"

    If I press the Google Mail Icon, I get the message "No Connection"

    In Accounts & Sync Settings. Google mail says "sync error" "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly" (But, of course, it does not!)

    When I turn the phone on, I get a warning triangle in top left hand corner, saying "sign-in erro for (my address)@gmail.com" When I tap onto that, I get the Google sign in page requesting password and when I type the p/w in I get the message "There was a network error while trying to sign in to your email account - try again"

    The only other info I can offer is that this a almost a new sim card which I have had for about 4 days. The first 2, everything worked. Could it be possible for Three to block the phone itself from receiving Data?

    I am completely lost so will welcome so much any help you can offer me.

    Thanks a lot

  2. torredroid

    torredroid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Well - I found the problem and post it here as it may answer someone else's query.

    I have the popular APNdroid App which you can switch on and off - green for on and red for off. Mine was set for green so that I can receive data so ignored that path. However, I just thought I would press the green icon to see what happens.............................it clicked, but Stayed on Green!! However, it also brought up my data connection. Pressed it again and went to red as it should have done.

    So, it must have been a bug with the APNdroid App that caused the problem.

    Anyway, the first thing I shall Google on my phone now I have the Internet is a hair replacement clinic:)
  3. rbakhsh

    rbakhsh Lurker

    hi can some one help me i have a galaxy europa with internet which i can use the strange problem i have is that i can use the internet with 3g or with the wifi but when i go to the android market i can look at the apps read the rewiews and every thing but i cannot download any new app nor can i update any of my existing apps can some one help me plz
  4. jammy31john

    jammy31john Lurker


    I recently purchased a Samsung i5500 from a friend, he used it on the 3 network. I paid to get it unlocked but when i put my T-mobile chip in it i cannot send MMS messages, or even get on to the internet with it, i have tried to download setting for the phone from t-mobile but with no luck , i can make and recieve calls and texts thats all i can do with the phone...please help as this seems to be a waste of money...what can i do and where can i got to get this solved ??? All help appreciated..thanks.
  5. Sid_hkr

    Sid_hkr Newbie

    1. is your card 3G?
    2. press/hold power button and check that Mobile network, connect to internet is on. You should also see the 2G/3G/HSDPA symbol in the notification bar, if your wifi is off.

    Both issues with me, at first!

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