Samsung Galaxy GT-S5830 - Help


Hi Hope someone can help. I have the above mentioned phone and recently have been sent pictures via text which just states 'Download'. Upon pressing this it then says 'downloading' but thats it. If you move away from the screen or scrool up or down it goes back to 'Download'. I have downloaded a picyure before but that was about 3 months ago now nothing. Is it just me. This size is only 9kb. Please help. Thanks in anticiaption Potters



Welcome to the forum. I wish I had an answer to why this is happening, but unfortunately I don't. Maybe this issue as been mentioned before and someone has an answer for this. You should check over at the to see if anyone can help. Best of luck. Merry Christmas
Ps. You should try updating the data profile. Also, make sure you have "unknown sources" box in applications checked.


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Thanks. Hadn't had a check in the 'unknown sources' which i have now done but still not doing. Will look over the on the link. Thanks for help.