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Samsung warranty scam

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Ranjit K, May 21, 2019.

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    Word of warning: don't ever buy a Samsung phone if you expect to be covered under the one year manufacturer's warranty. They will make up some excuse to not honor your repair!

    This is my senario: Model No SM-J810GZKGINS, bearing Serial No- RZ8K70RFANE

    I have a brand new Samsung J8 . after couples of months using learning some issues with the battery getting hot and I noticed some other minor issues that seemed to be hardware related. My phone is well within the manufacturer warranty.One day observed while using phone found many limning on phone screen , rush to Croma store. Croma store refer to Samsung service center and finally phone complete down .My phone never been dropped or been exposed to liquid in any way.

    I sent it in for service center Feb 2019 , hoping that Samsung would either replace or repair my phone.I followed all the steps to send the phone in for repair, had to get a loaner phone for the time-being, and waited.

    Samsung Service center technicians arrived along with Open phone and told that - my phone dipped in water and moniter and Motherboard get damaged and it's not covered under warrenty. They told look phone having water look look this way they are asking me ............... when I try to learn or observed water inside phone . I have not found and I ask where is water .. than service enginner told .. water dry and look this water mark , when i put my fingure on so called water , i observed that stickryness. when i told this is adhesive , they told go way and they wil not entertane this service under warrenty , untill pay Rs. 14800.00 and 4-5 technicians togahter and started fighting with me.
    Bottom line is warranty is voided and I have no idea the condition the phone.

    I registered complained with Samsung customer care - Firstly they are not ready to understand , somehow able to convince my request , they came back with oprion is , I have to pay Rs.14800.00 for service charges

    I asked to customer service - for give prove that my phone dipped in water - they faild to prove at service center and customer service as well or convince , later customer experience manage started Negotiating to me for as a goodwill gesture.

    Samsung customer experience team offering me 30% discount , later 40% discount after that 60% discount on repair service.

    This process take 90 days and NOT ready to extend the warranty even to pay 40% charges.

    After that Samsung customer service NOT replying email and I have no idea the condition the phone will be in when I get it back.

    Upon finding this out I called Samsung to hopefully get a solution before they shipped my phone back. Well not surprisingly, I was told nothing could be done because the phone was now marked as having liquid damage. I even spoke with a supervisor and asked for proof of the damage in the form of photos but they refused. Now what do I do?

    That's worse case scenario I guess, but still, do yourself a favor and buy an iPhone. At least they honor their warranty and don't make up damage claims they can't prove.
    Super disappointed in Samsung india to Indian customers. Share this. Tell everyone you know.

  2. highelf

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    Ouch, so sad to hear it because I have a Samsung device too.
  3. psionandy

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    Samsung warranty support has been very good for me...

    .... Sorry if you didn't get the same experience

    Water damage is usually detected by dots insode that change colour when ezposed to water... This can some be due to steam... Or water droplets so doesn't allways mean its been submerged in water.

    Even when its dried out, the colour change is fixed.

    Im curious about the sticky stuff though... Where was that, how did you get it on your fingers?
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