Service plan question


I have decided to get a andriod phone. It will be my first phone, I will be getting it in July. I will be geting the mytouch 3g slide. When suddenly I thought after getting, or paying for the service plan do I still have to pay for 3g?


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In all honesty, this is the best plan out there:

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Even More Plus Unlimited Talk + Text + Web

This plan includes:
• Unlimited nationwide calling
• Unlimited domestic messages (text, picture, video, and IM)
• Unlimited Web access
• No annual contract
• Unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling
• Unlimited Nights and Weekends
• Free domestic long distance and no digital roaming charges across the US



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That means after paying 30 I don't have to pay any thing more for 3g

What is your definition of "3G"? If you have a "smartphone", you will have to pay for a voice plan, as well as a "data plan" (for internet access).

The "Talk+Text+Web" plans are for "non-smartphones". Smartphones will require the $25/mo data charges. There is a way to get data for $10/mo on an unsubsidised phone however.