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Sim Card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dhughes710, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. dhughes710

    dhughes710 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone know if we will need a 4G sim card in the future? When I got my Inspire the other day the rep kept saying he thought it needed a 4G sim card, but they didnt have any. I am not sure if he had a clue what he was talking about though, it took him about 10 minutes to get the battery door off and to find the sim card slot on the bottom of the phone.


  2. pixar

    pixar Newbie

    Hmm interesting. They replaced mine saying they had to! Off-topic, I wonder how many of us MD locals are on here with their new Inspires.
  3. KenG10

    KenG10 Well-Known Member

    I thought it needed a new Sim too, but the rep at Best Buy just transfered the Sim from my Samsung Propel 3G into it. I believe word on the street is you dont need a new one if you are coming from a 3G device.
  4. Zonker1

    Zonker1 Well-Known Member

    The sim that came with my inspire clearly says 3g. After I took the phone home, I transfered it to a different line on my family plan with the help of an ATT rep. I was told to put my old captivate sim in the inspire and that there is no difference.
  5. blazeplacid

    blazeplacid Well-Known Member

    I didnt call anyone or do anything but put my micro sim (from my iphone 4) into an adapter and then into the inspire.

    Everything works fine and the H+ logo comes up and the speeds are decent. I dont think its the "4G" network yet.

    I bought it off contract also.
  6. emuneee

    emuneee Android Enthusiast

    You don't need a new sim card for HSPA+ (unless you don't already have a 3G sim card) because its a 3.XG technology. I'd imagine though, if you get a device (aircard/phone) with LTE, you'll need a new SIM card.
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  7. dhughes710

    dhughes710 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok thanks for the information. I just used my old sim card from before it's a 3G sim. I was just wondering since the rep mentioned 4G sim cards. But like you all said I figure those will come out when LTE launches.
  8. gtalum

    gtalum Well-Known Member

    When I purchased, the guy offered to just take the SIM out of my iPhone and put it in the Inspire. I'd been having some SIM Card errors so I declined and asked for a new one. I'm pretty sure that no new SIM is needed for this technology.
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  9. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation

    It's funny how almost every rep I've talked to has mentioned a new 4G sim card and how it will improve my speeds LOL. The other day when I was at AT&T purchasing the Body Glove case, the rep was insisting that a new 4G sim card will be coming out next week. He also said that Houston was a test market and that their 4G went live on Sunday.
  10. kimtyson

    kimtyson Member

    I tried using my iPhone 4 SIM in an adapter and it wouldn't work. I ended up with a new SIM, supposedly a 4G SIM. I plan to cut it down to swap into the iPhone.
  11. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    It seems to be the rule of thumb to ignore just about EVERYTHING that comes out of these guys mouths unless you want have inaccurate info.
  12. mackie99

    mackie99 Newbie

    Weird, because I'm using my iPhone 4 sim in and adapter in my Inspire and it works fine. I had to reboot the phone after putting it in.
  13. pinbak

    pinbak Well-Known Member

    I got a normal 3 g sim put into mine but the guy at ATT store did say it was a new sim card for these phones, but it looks just like the old sims to me. My brother got a his inspire today and he is in KS, his card doesn't even have 3g on it, he says he got the att globe instead. He said no where on his card does it have 3g or the 3g logo at all. He compared it to his WP7 att phone and he said yep it looks nothing like that one. So I wonder if there really is a new SIM since he just got his today.
  14. M2inOR

    M2inOR Lurker

    Ordered HTC Inspire Sunday afternoon as a replacement phone (no contract, upgrade to existing iPhone 3GS phone line in a family account. Received phone from ATT Texas this morning. 1st Android phone. Also have Nokia N900.

    Though phone came with new SIM card, and activation instructions, I simply extracted the active SIM from my iPhone 3GS, and inserted it into the new Inspire.

    Then proceeded to install battery; thought I would break the door before it finally opened. Really was tough, and I ended up nicking the plastic just a bit.

    Turned phone on while connected to charger.

    After a few minutes, phone registered to the network, and I proceeded to set everything up.

    Verified that it could dial out and receive calls and voicemails. Same goes for texts in and out.

    Set up WiFi, and then proceeded to overload it with Apps.

    Everything is working fine with the iPhone 3GS SIM card.

    Due to my home location (weak reception) AT&T indication alternated between H+ and Edge. Will travel with it tomorrow to see how it does away from the home.

    Chose not to activate the new SIM; keeping the old and the iPhone unlimited data plan will permit me to swap back and forth between the two.

    Finally, I am on a Premier account if that means anything special for this phone change.

  15. Ms Mac

    Ms Mac Lurker

    I'm from MD and I got mine yesterday....LOVE IT!:eek:
  16. dhughes710

    dhughes710 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    where at in md?
  17. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

  18. Digital_M

    Digital_M Lurker

    OK here's how it works; The Inspire and Atrix's do NOT need a special SIM card to work on an HSPA+ network. At our at&t stores we have about 5 different SIM cards we use, but none of them are special for HSPA+. We have 3G cards, Micro 3G cards, Micro iPad 3G cards(those cost $15 for some reason) GoPhone cards and new 3G/4G cards that dont have any markings on them. The ones without the markings on them are LTE/HSPA+/HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM compatible. The only reason we have those in our stores is for our LG LTE aircard. The reason that most Inspires ship DIRECTLY to customers, i.e. NOT sold in stores ...ship with a *new* unmarked SIM, is to avoid you (the customer) from calling in and saying "Hey! I don't have 4G speeds cause my SIM card says 3G!!". Hope that helps some of the confusion :)
  19. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    Ok soo...that has NOTHING to do with the fact that im barely getting over 1mb/s for about 16 hours a day in atlanta (only hitting into the 2.5mb/s at around 2am)???
  20. chgachet

    chgachet Newbie

    I transfer my sim card from my captivate, called att, they help me out set up my phone using the old sim...i do not think you need a new one.
  21. rmreid

    rmreid Android Enthusiast

    I'll add my .02:
    I was a large AT&T Corporate Store outside of Memphis, today to pick up a case for my Inspire and I'm not sure if this guy really was the store manager or not (but he said that he was) I asked him about the sim card concerns and he said a new sim card would be issued when LTE was up and running, the swap would be free at that time.
    He also said that HSPA should be available consistently by end of March first of April

  22. This coincides with what I know sounds about right
  23. The996

    The996 Newbie

    Guys, I had a sim.from my Captivate, says 3g on it, horrible speeeds and just went and got the right sim, speeds are up 4x. Even with the 3g card, I still got the H+, but the speeds just weren't there. Check your sim and test your speed via speedtest app

  24. Gonna have to check it out

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