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Small battery testimonial

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Steven58

    Moderator Thread Starter

    I spent altogether about 15 hours away from the battery charger, today, as I took my daughter to NYC to go to the Met Museum and the NY Yankees game. We took the train in so I didn't have access to a car charger.

    I d/l switch pro widget, yesterday, because it was the only widget I'd found that can shut off 3g, like the Sense UI widget did when I had my Incredible.

    I have root, so I use setCPU to underclock when my battery goes under 20 percent. On the train ride home, it did underclock and I could tell as things were a bit laggy. I was undercloced to 300 mhz, so it sipped power.

    Basically, I left the phone connection on the entire time. I shut off 3g when I wasn't using it. When I wanted to check mail, I turned 3g on and did so, but I didn't leave it on. When I was in the NYC subway, I went into airplane mode as I didn't want to waste power having the phone search for telephone coverage/signal. I even did some light browsing.

    I did bring an extra fully charged DX battery with me, but I never used it! Managing power wisely, I got a full day out of this battery. I'm very encouraged about this. :)

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  2. Teegunn

    Teegunn Android Expert

    since you had the Inc also how do you compare the battery life of the two phones? I have both phones and so far see no improvement in battery life with the x over the inc so far.
  3. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert

    I just think that is too much work to put into a phone throughout the day :/
  4. curtisdr

    curtisdr Well-Known Member

    Me too.

    I find myself always wondering whether my X has enough battery to make it through whatever my next journey will be. I think it's great that these phones do so much, but having to constantly worry and mess with settings to make sure they don't die just when I need them isn't worth it to me.
  5. ECFfighter7232

    ECFfighter7232 Android Expert

    i'm a little suprised you only got 15 hours out of the phone... If I have a day where I lightly use my phone (lightly for me is 15-20 minutes brousing, 75-100 texts, maybe less then 5 minutes talking, around 15 e-mails, and checking facebook around 5 times) I generally get around 22+ hours out of a battery. On my medium use days I get around 18 hours and on very heavy use days I get around 13 hours.
  6. lakingslayer

    lakingslayer Newbie

    I've noticed that if I spend a significant amount of time in a "low signal" area that the battery life degrades much faster. If I'm in a 3 bar or higher sighal area I get very good battery life over a 1 bar signal area.
  7. bosox2k1

    bosox2k1 Android Enthusiast

    Steven, you should look into JuiceDefender. You can set it up so when you shut your screen off, it will disable all data on a schedule. For example, in a 15 minute time period, it will turn data on for 3 minutes so it can get the messages, emails, etc you may have missed. You can increase or decrease that amount. You can make it 5 minutes data turned on out of every 30 minutes, or as low as 1 min data on out of every 5 min.

    It's great cause I know when I have it enabled and I shut my screen off (at work or somewhere I know a signal may be week, or at a movie, etc) it will disable the data connection for 12 out of every 15 minutes if I choose that settting.

    There are also a ton more different settings that you may like, but I don't really need the other settings at this moment. I love the app though. Worth the 1-2$, whatever it is
  8. jwbeeler

    jwbeeler Android Enthusiast

    My Droid X was off the charger yesterday for 14 hours, I plugged it in last night with 60% of my battery life remaining. Since disabling the GPS (unless use is necessary), my battery life is quite good. I leave 3g on and Bluetooth enabled. I'm at 90% now and have had the phone unplugged a litte over 3 hours.
  9. Steven58

    Moderator Thread Starter

    Thank you. I will.. I've heard of juice defender but never tried it. I truly appreciate it. (BTW, the Yankees won, last night :p)
  10. homerjrules

    homerjrules Newbie

    I'm lovin it so far. I worked 16 hrs last Friday at a factory where it's hard to get a good signal. Left it on the whole time and still had 30% after many texts and light moderate surfing. When I had my Eris I would have to shut it off after using it every time or it would be dead after 8hrs. The signal strength is 1,000,000 times better also.
  11. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Android Expert

    Sounds like going form the Storm I'm gonna give up managing app memory for managing the battery.
  12. jwbeeler

    jwbeeler Android Enthusiast

    Nope...the GPS has a bug to not let the phone sleep. If you turn it on only when necessary, the phone sleeps normally. I don't babysit my phone...I leave off GPS...simple enough.
  13. lakai113

    lakai113 Well-Known Member

    i guess im not that heavy of a user.. i get through the day and have about 30-40% left..
    usaully the weekends kill me
  14. Steven58

    Moderator Thread Starter

    I'm usually always near a power source. However, I wasn't this weekend, either. That's why I have the extra battery. I tried the ultimate juice defender and found it a bit to complex for me. so I returned it. I'm going to try the free one first to get more used to it, before I spend the money.
  15. SgtBaxter

    SgtBaxter Well-Known Member

    If you're not worried about getting phone calls you can just stick the phone in airplane mode and it'll last forever. I do that whenever I'm in an area with crappy signal. On vacation I regularly had 40% battery left after 16-17 hours, and that was with a few hours every night in the hotel surfing wifi. The phone was on extended network, but the signal was very strong. However data was off because of roaming. When we went places with hardly any signal I left the phone on airplane mode and just used the camera and video cam, and the battery barely budged.

    The problem with battery life comparison is these are smart phones. Everyone has theirs configured differently, and everyone will have different battery life. Everyone has different usage requirements as well. It's not like my old RAZR where if I got 2 days between charges and you got a half day you could say your battery was bad. I can kill the battery on this thing in a few hours, or have it last nearly 2 days depending on how I use it, or what I have running. I can kill the battery on an iPhone in 2 hours too.

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