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sorry, another comparison thread... charge vs. tbolt vs. dinc2 vs. dx2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by boatman, May 31, 2011.

  1. boatman

    boatman Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    confused and looking for input from real users.

    have droid 2. wanting to upgrade. live in boston, 4g not critical to me, but would be nice to have if it doesn't hurt other features. don't plan on modding phone with custom roms, etc. also phone needs to fit in pants, suit and jeans pocket. want to have music , about 10gb on phone. don't need front facing camera or video chat. need text, facebook, calls, email.

    Looking at tbolt, charge, dinc2, dx2

    Tbolt sounds good, but battery life is supposedly a problem. I need to go from 7am to 9pm without having to charge phone. Is that possible on tbolt? Is it possible on charge? Heard battery life on dinc2 and dx2 is excellent.

    Do 4.3" phones fit in pants pockets? Is there a diff between pocketability of charge/tbolt/dx2?

    I read about lag on charge. Is this really there, or mild annoyance or a big issue. Do people see it on the tbolt or other phones.

    Anyone have a tbolt vs. charge and hate one/return it?

    Thanks for any input.

  2. moondrius

    moondrius Android Enthusiast

    My Charge lasts all day. The Droid x2 probably has the best battery life out of all 4. With the Thunderbolt you would probably have to disable background data to make it through the day. I have owned The Charge, Thunderbolt and Droid x and all fit into my pockets. The Thunderbolt being the biggest and least comfortable. The other 2 are just fine.

    I sold my Thunderbolt and was able to purchase my Charge about 2 weeks early and have had no lag, reboots or any other issues. I have owned a lot of phones and the Charge has been the best working phone I have ever used.
  3. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    I think Revolution should be replacing Tbolt in this comparison or included at least. If you can get over Bing stuff in it which you can bypass for Google, it's better phone overall hardware wise. Lasting 14 hours in any 4G LTE phone will be tough, but Rev has better chance at that than Tbolt and it can be put it 3G mode for much longer usage too. Charge seems to be good in battery department too. But I wonder how is its signal reception quality as some users experienced random data connection outages in 3G area.
  4. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Android Expert

    In had the TB. Soldmit and the THREE batteries on eBay. That is how bad it is on power management. Got the charge. Love it. No more brick in my pocket like the TB. Great battery. Gorgeous screen.
  5. navigatn

    navigatn Newbie

    Well, since this is a dc forum, of course u'll hear great things about the charge. I've owned both phones since launch, and I have to say performance wise, the tb gets the nod on this comparison. Sense ui is just far superior to Samsung's outdated, laggy, unresponsive touchwiz and rps file system. The stock dc browser just does not work for any flash/javascript intensive site. Even after installing market browser, it still does not function as well as a stock sense browser. Even after installing a market launcher, the dc still lags when swiping btwn homescreens and opening apps. The only thing the dc has going for it is its gorgeous samoled screen.

    I am this close to exchanging it for a LG revo, but I just can't handle Bing, and downgrading from samoled to tft display will be too painful. Will have to wait and see, but I dont think I can tolerate this poor performing phone no matter how nice the screen looks.

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