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Apps Source code for android.jar

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by tweakt, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. tweakt

    tweakt Lurker
    Thread Starter

    As a long time java developer who frequently works with open source, I'm used to having the java source for libraries available for reference within eclipse. If you work on android with the Eclipse plugin you probably found there is no source code for android libraries. (If you browse to an android class, you get a rough decompiled view of it, but not very useful).

    Since the source was released a few days ago I managed to locate all the necessary .java source for android.jar that comes with the SDK.

    If you have Git installed, the following script should it. If someone can recommend a convenient place, I could upload the premade android-src.jar. Now once you have it, you have to remove the built-in "Android Library" classpath container from your project. Then manually add the android.jar file, and you can then associate android-src.jar with it. Then you have source code at your fingertips for all of the android API. =D


    git-clone git://git.source.android.com/platform/frameworks/base android-api
    cd android-api
    git checkout android-1.0
    jar cvf ../android-src.jar -C core/java .
    jar uvf ../android-src.jar -C graphics/java .
    jar uvf ../android-src.jar -C location/java .
    jar uvf ../android-src.jar -C media/java .
    jar uvf ../android-src.jar -C opengl/java .
    jar uvf ../android-src.jar -C sax/java .
    jar uvf ../android-src.jar -C services/java .
    jar uvf ../android-src.jar -C telephony/java .
    jar uvf ../android-src.jar -C wifi/java .
    cd ..


  2. nimkgb

    nimkgb Lurker

    Hi, I think what you have is exactly what i need, but i dont have any place for uploading it:(

    Could you kindly upload it in a public place like www.4shared.com

    Thanks in advance!:)
  3. yasminussain

    yasminussain Lurker

    Hi All,

    I would like to view the source code of Android SDK default application. For that I need android.jar for android 1.0.

    Could you please any one send it to me ?

    Thanks for your time!!

    Thanks Again!!

  4. bostone

    bostone Lurker

    If you are using Cygwin or GitWin the script should be changed to:
    git clone git://git.source.android.com/platform/frameworks/base android-api
    (no dash between git and clone) Other than that - thanks a lot, it worked just fine!
  5. AnDr01D_old

    AnDr01D_old Lurker


    Thank you, it will speed up my dev a lot !:D
  6. NimoTh

    NimoTh Lurker

    In case anyone is still interested in the packaged source, let me know where you want it. It's not that much of a hassle and if I can do it, anyone can. This said, I'm still happy to provide it just to contribute something and help a lazy developer.

  7. MForster

    MForster Lurker

  8. devilmaycry

    devilmaycry Lurker

    Please provide the packaged source or precompiled android.jar as found in the latest build.
    thank you
  9. There is a feature request at google code to improve this - see Issue 979. It includes a link to a page where you can download the latest sources as well as installing instructions.

    Please vote for it.
  10. rgruet

    rgruet Newbie

    I packed the sources for android 1.5 (not a piece of cupcake ;-), and made the
    archive temporarily available at http://rgruet.free.fr/public/android-1.5-cupcake-src.zip (21.6MB). Please mirror it elsewhere before my ISP kills me!

    Create a directory sources/ inside your <android-SDK>/platforms/android-1.5/ directory, and unzip the archive there.

  11. aramisw

    aramisw Lurker

  12. dmly

    dmly Lurker

    OK, we have the source. Now if I want to modify something in the alarm application for example. I make the changes, now how to I build the android.jar again? Or if there is any other way to just build the app I need.
  13. ianguedes

    ianguedes Lurker

  14. eclipsed4utoo

    eclipsed4utoo Android Enthusiast

    Sorry for bringing up an other thread, but can anybody do this for 2.0-eclair?
  15. sosiouxme

    sosiouxme Lurker

    I've repackaged source for 1.5, 1.6, and 2.1 along with a long article explaining how to get it and what to do with it. Hopefully this will be definitive until Google gives us a better way to attach source or just does it as part of the SDK download. Attaching Android platform source in Eclipse
    Let me know if that doesn't work out for ya...
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  16. ziele

    ziele Lurker

    A great need for this thing, thank you
  17. blundell

    blundell Well-Known Member

    Random question guys but does anyone have the 1.0 Android Source :) or any of the 0.X . No questions! I Just need it :p Danke
  18. s_dimaio

    s_dimaio Lurker

    Great! It works! But I've another question...how can use "non-public classes" of the source code in Eclipse?

    for example android.os.SystemProperties is present in source code...but not in android.jar of SDK...so this class is not present in the tree of Eclipse...and I can't use it to compile a project!

    How can configure eclipse to use not only SDK but the entire android source code?

  19. 24adithya

    24adithya Lurker

    I have downloaded the source code for android in windows by executing the following line :
    git clone git://git.source.android.com/platform/frameworks/base android-api

    I was just browsing through Bluetooth source code in eclipse and bumped on this ServiceManager class whose source i couldn't read !! When i browsed through the android.jar i couldn't see the source code for few packages like java.nio ,etc..

    How can i get the source code for the above mentioned classes ?? I would like to have all the source related to android 2.2 version !! How do i get that ?

    Please let me know..

  20. zhaidarbek

    zhaidarbek Lurker

    Thanks, very useful trick! Uploaded sources for tag android-2.3_r1 here
  21. blackbullets

    blackbullets Lurker

    I have downloaded source-2.1 ecliar.zip file. I want the complete source code of android 2.1 in my eclips. can any one please tell me wat is the procedure.
  22. blackbullets

    blackbullets Lurker

    Hey i execute git-clone and downloaded d source code but after thar when i execute next command jar cvf it says jar command not found
  23. paulwintzerfr

    paulwintzerfr Lurker

    I recently created a script that downloads and makes the .jar archives, for any Android source.
    I also uploaded these .jar archives, so that everyone can get them without having to install "git".
    You can get the sources here : Sources Android toutes pr
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