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Start Up Issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by d.ortiz, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. d.ortiz

    d.ortiz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, I turned off my phone because it was acting really really slow and when I turned it back on again, all I get is the "samsung" logo on the screen like its turning on. Only issue is that when it's about to get to the main screen, the screen turns blank again. then comes that "samsung" logo again. A few times it gets as far as the time on the screen when you have to unlock the screen. and the screen says (no service), then again the screen goes black and the process starts over again. Sometimes I am able to unlock the screen, then it mentions something about the processor, then the screen goes black and there we go again:mad:. it's been doing this about an hour now and the same issue came up 2 days ago, but it started working about 30 mins later. If anyone has any idea on how to clear this headache up???:thinking::thinking::thinking:

  2. edp

    edp Android Enthusiast

    try pulling the battery, and leaving it off for about 30 seconds. put it back in and try again. how long have you had your phone and is it rooted/custom rommed? or just what you got out of the box?

    if you can finally get it to turn on, i suggest you do a factory reset, or do a reflash back to stock
  3. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Android Expert

    If you ever get in long enough to do it you can try the factory reset but I think its time for a new phone....
  4. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Android Expert

    Just use the updater and reflash. If your getting the bootloop you can reflash and start from scratch again. I am surprised by the number of people who say take your phone in for a replacement cause they think a bootloop is a bricked phone.
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  5. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Android Expert

    Since when does a phone stuck in a boot loop give a processor error?

    Without seeing the phone a proper diagnosis is impossible, but given the information in the op, personally I'd take it in.
  6. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Android Expert

    The first description of what he describes is a boot loop. I missed reading the processor error so that is my fault but the symptons appear to begin with the bootloop. He also hasn't said if he has done any modifications so we need more info. I am just confused by the quick recommendations of less experienced posters saying take it in and get a new one or switch phones. (I am not including the two responders in this last statement.) I just was venting on the lack of troubleshooting nad it was probably not needed in this particular thread.
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  7. d.ortiz

    d.ortiz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Wow, thanks a lot for the input guys. Since the issue, I let the battery die out then tried rebooting it in the morning. Still had the same issue coming up. So I slid the qwerty keyboard open and it booted up. Again it gave me that "processor" not responding issue and said "force close" or "wait" so I clicked on "wait" and let it do its thing. The phone became operational, but it still seems to be running slow at times. I am afraid to turn it off and on again and dealing with the issue again.

    To answer modification questions, I have not made any modifications to my phone. I wouldn't mind since I read so many positive things being said, I just don't want to lose my apps and look for them all over in the market. so any help or direction that you have would be appreciated. thanks! =):)
  8. a.medrano

    a.medrano Newbie

    oh no! this jusrt happened to me. but still the phone wont turn on. still stuck on the samsung loop. :mad: i hate this phone
  9. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    Sounds like defective hardware. Should be easy enough to reproduce at the sprint store for a replacement.
  10. d.ortiz

    d.ortiz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Well I contacted the Sprint repair center, and a rep there told me that more than likely it was some software download. I was a bit resistant to that, but then he asked if I had any type of taskiller. I told him that I had a taskiller the one by "ReChild" and he said that some Samsung Moments have had issues with that app. He said that it was a very vigorous app killer and a process killer for the Moment. He advised that I uninstall it and see how it would play out after that. I did just that and the phone seems to be working a lot faster and I am not having issues when I turn the phone off and on. So lets hope that is the only issue.

    I would like to load the Android 2.2 but I gotta figure out how to do that since Sprint will NOT be releasing it for the moment (bastards!)

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