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Dec 5, 2009
still looking for an app that allows me to see what my pc webcam sees on my droid, sound would be nice but not necessary. I have posted this before, but was only able to get a suggestion (thank you for the reply:D) of WebCam (Android) 1.0 for Android. this may work but has instructions that could fit on a fly's wing, and the org site is buggy. I am sure many parents and traveling people would love to find, with simple instructions, a way monitor their home and/or babysitter on thier phone. I would have thought skype would be the first:thinking::thinking::thinking:
there's a program out there that sends pic's to your email from motion sensitive cameras aroud the house if they get triggered but it's not specifically for android it's a pc app. forget the name but a co worker had it. thought iit was neat.