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Storage won't open up even after deleting large items

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by aGingerThing, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. aGingerThing

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    I have an Ulefone s10 pro (i know it is a no-name and very cheap) I have had it for about a year now and I added some storage to is using a TF card. I wanted to use the storage on the card but when i "migrated" storage from the internal storage nothing happened so I proceeded to delete my largest app and nothing yet again happened so I plugged my phone into my pc and removed 3GB worth of photos and nothing. I also noticed that the main storage (the one that came with the phone) couldn't be seen or edited in any way.

    I was just wondering if someone knew how to fix this and if it were possible to get my phone to use the new storage.

    it uses android 8.1.0
    a reformated (to work as internal storage) 64GB TF card from SanDisk

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    just because you reformatted as internal does not automatically move your installed apps to the sd card. all new apps will do this, but not the ones internally. you will have to manually move them....i believe. i never liked using sd card as internal, because you run the risk of wearing out the card faster....which in turn increases the chance that the card can get corrupted and you could lose your all of your data.....just something to think about.

    and how are you "migrating" your storage? thru a file manager?
  3. aGingerThing

    aGingerThing Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I knew the first bit about the apps not automatically moving but my problem is that when I did uninstall and tried to redownload it I couldn't find the option to do so and my phone was refusing to use the SD card for anything, not even photos I then checked my storage and after deleting the "2GB" app but it went down by about 10MB. I used the migrate button in the storage section in my settings because I am unable to see the internal storage that came with the phone using file manager so I tried my pc and nothing so hope you can help now.

    edit: oops i didn't mean to send the second one but it does have so extra info
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  4. aGingerThing

    aGingerThing Lurker
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    I knew about the first bit and I did try to get a game to use the sd card I did delete and re-download the game but firstly I wasn't given the option so I checked my storage it had gone down by about 10 MB, not the 2GB the game said it was this is strange because downloading it took up that space so now I couldn't get the game and I had wasted my storage on a thing that I could not access so I plugged my phone in on my pc and I could only see the sd card so I moved the photos that were on there to my pc and now not even the storage fo the sd card was changing. So could you tell me how to get my storage back how I can access the storage that came with the phone as well as how to download games onto the sd card?

    in short my storage won't open up

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