Help Strange Charging Issue


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For the past 2 nights, I've had a really odd issue with my phone, so I'm just wondering if anyone has some advice:

I'll plug the phone in at night, and it will charge up to 100%. Quite often I wake up early by accident, check my phone and go back to sleep for a bit. It seems that checking the phone instantly discharges it to 96% and even though I don't unplug it, it doesn't recharge it unless I unplug and replace the charger.

If I check battery status, it currently says 1h 13m since last unplugged, which is when I unplugged it, so it knew it was plugged in but wasn't charging.

Any ideas? :(


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I 'm having the same issue. The original charger in my bedroom charges to only 93% since I swapped the cable to 5m. An identical charger and identical cable charges the phone to 100% in my livingroom. Weird. :)


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Hmm.. interestingly, I am using a battery life widget which also tells me things like temperature, voltage etc and when plugged into the charger, the status says "Over volt." instead of "Good".