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Tasker: Location Based Profile Issues

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by bzowk, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. bzowk

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    Dec 28, 2013

    Dec 28, 2013
    Hey Guys -

    I'm fairly new to Android after being an iPhone (jailbroken, of course) person for years. I got an HTC One a couple of months ago and currently my favorite app is Tasker. The only issue I've had with it is that I can't ever get Location States to work correctly so thought I'd post and ask.

    One of the main tasks I am trying to create using Location is to enable / disable WiFi tethering for my iPad. I have tried setting it up using different variations of the below 2 profiles:

    Disable WAP
    2 Locations + 1 task which includes 3 actions
    - Profile
    - Location: Home / Net:On - GPS:On - Set location to where my house is with Radius of 200m
    - Location: Work / Net:On - GPS:On - Set location to where my house is with Radius of 300m
    - Task:
    - Disable WAP - Set Bluetooth:Off - Set Wifi Tether:Off - Set Wifi:On

    Enable WAP
    1 State + 1 task which includes 2 actions
    - Profile
    State: Not connected to WiFi
    - Task
    - Enable WAP / Set Wifi Tether:On - Set Bluetooth: On

    Note: The bluetooth parts above are just for preference since I only use it in car...

    I thought that this would work, but after testing, it doesn't work that well. I've read the manual, but must be misunderstanding something.

    1. What should I do differently to get this working as close to 100% as possible? Personally, it working proerly is more important to me than a bit of extra battery power - but - don't want to use a ton obviously.

    2. If Wifi is in the "Off" state, can Tasker still scan for connectable APs and just not connect to them or does Wifi have to be on even for scanning? I ask this because I first considered disabling Wifi Tethering when connected to an AP - but - if Wifi Tethering is on, Wifi is off therefore could not auto connect (therefore my question)

    3. In another similar app which had a Location trigger, you could choose to have it trigger upon "Entering," "Exiting," "Inside," or a combination of the three with the selected location. How does the Location trigger in Tasker work?
    - If inside the location when it triggers does it run?
    - If it detects I just entered the location (previous check was not in location) does it run?
    - If it detects I'm leaving the location (check determines I'm not in location when last one was in location) does it run?

    4. Idea. I carry my laptop with me almost everywhere I go. It's on about 70% of the time it's with me (even leave it on most nights.) If I had to, i could just say when it's bluetooth is detected to turn off WAP and vice versa, but for the sake of mobile data usage it's my last option.

    Guess that's about it. Any ideas or solutions?

    Thanks Guys!!!


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