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Tether, Changing MIP Profile

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ellatinogop, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. ellatinogop

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    Apr 27, 2010

    Apr 27, 2010
    I read that you can switch the MIP Profile on a Droid to change Verizon's ability to tell if you are tethering or not (see below). Has anyone been successful in doing something like this after updating to 2.1 and having both rooted and tethered (PdaNet)?

    I've tried hitting ##778. However, it ends up dialing instead of letting me see the MIP Profile.

    Verizon XV6900 Data Connect FIX - PPCGeeks
    Check your MIP setting under ##778 menu against these

    MIP Profile
    Number of profiles: 6
    Active user profile index: 0
    MIP_MODE: Mobile IP Prefered
    MIP Reg Retries: 2
    MIP Reg Retry: 1750 ms
    MIP Pre-Reg Timeout: 0
    Mobile Node-HA: Enable
    Send A Reg: Disable
    Dormant Handoff Opt: Enable

    MIP Default Profile
    Enable Profile: Enable
    NAI: mynumber@vzw3g.com (MDN@vzw3g.com)
    DUN NAI: MDN@vzw3g.com so you can tether without a tethering package or MDN@dun.vzw3g.com if you want paid tethering
    MN HA SPI Set: Enable
    MN HA SPI Value: 12C
    MN AAA SPI Set: Enable
    MN AAA SPI Value: 2
    Reverse Tunneling: Enable
    Home Address:
    HA Shared Secret: should be garbled characters
    AAA Shared Secret: should be garbled characters
    Primary HA Address:
    Secondary HA Address:
    DMU Pub Key: 10
    MN Authenticator: 0


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