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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by TigerDango, Nov 12, 2010.

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    Nov 12, 2010

    Nov 12, 2010
    Okay guys, I had some problems with Mabilo's new version, 5.0 on my phone. It is a Droid Incredible by HTC. Incidentally enough, Googling the problem and finding it on this forum is what led me here tonight. I decided to join the forum when I found a solution to the problem...And ended up getting sucked into the Android family forums. Way to go guys. ;) Okay here goes. My first of, hopefully, many to come help corners. (I'm a big techie guy, by the way. A good to goto person for electronics and such.) The problem I am about to discuss I noticed many, many people having problems with on both the Mabilo comments in the Android app market as well as on this forum.

    Problem: Attempting to set ringtones and notifications within the Mabilo app instead causes the phone to either set it as a default ringtone or a silent ringtone. Additionally if you try to edit it and download it that way, the sound ends up being choppy or strange.

    Solution: This is an easy one guys! When you go into Mabilo and select your clip to download as a ringtone or notification, I found through experimenting that it does actually download the clips to your mini-SD. From what I understand (I'm still a new Android owner) the older version of Mabilo worked perfectly in allowing instant changing of ringtones and notifications in the previous version. However this new version appears to have messed up that feature. The solution is as follows.

    1. Go into your mini-SD card by using a file management app from the Android market. I use and recommend a really nice one that is also free called Astro.

    2. You will find a folder for Mabilo called mabilo-v5. Go under this folder and you will find your downloaded ringtones and notifications.

    3. All you have to do now is simply move the files to their proper locations. For ringtones, pick to move it, then goto media>audio>ringtones paste it there. For notifications, pick to move it, then goto media>audio>notifications paste it there.

    4. Enjoy your ringtones and notifications!

    This solution I tested and found personally myself on the Droid Incredible by HTC. However, if anyone else is having a similar problem with a different phone, still try this solution. I am positive that on the other phones having problems with this it would work the exact same way. This honestly is quite annoying to go through if you like to update your ringtones and notifications a lot, but until Mabilo fixes whatever they messed up with v5 we will have to live with this.

    Alright! Let's hear from the users! Did this solution work for you? Did it not work? What phone did you try it on? Let's hear from everyone!

    ~Tiger :)

    *EDIT* I just found something interesting I want to make everyone aware of that tries this solution. It seems that some apps, such as Yahoo Mail, override your phone's notification setting and uses it's own. So I guess there's nothing to do about that unless a setting is found in Yahoo Mail (or whatever app) to change it.


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