To all the members that have a EVO


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To all the members that have obtained an EVO 4G.

I want to say right off the bat, Congrats.

How ever or which ever way you got the EVO before June 4th, be it via the free giveaway at the Google I/O, or bought it off of someone from the I/O, or via Ebay or some smuggler in the sleaziest part of town, I congratulate you you on your purchase.

Now you all are banned for life.

TS out

Roman G.

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I know a few people I hope get an evo before June 4th then :D

I know a guy that knows a guy that works at the goodwill and he said if one comes in before the 4th it's mine:rolleyes:

I can't wait

Speaking of the goodwill, I just found a 130 dollar pair of sunglasses for 2.99 over the weekend i was stoked:eek:

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I believe the cost of admission to Google IO is around $400. The EVOs they received can hardly be considered free giveaways.


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Now you all are banned for life.

TS out