Root To root or not to root, bad experiences are the damn whole thing


Hello guys, i'm new in this forum, was looking a bit about it and over the web, if it worth enough to root, i know it gives awesome features and open a lot of doors, the fact is that a time ago i rooted a phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3, i was a noob at that time(actually i'm) but was worse before, i followed all the steps, i'm not a fool, i know how to do the things, the fact is that when i did it, the phone works fine but... i think and feel that it performance lowered after the root, so i'm a bit skeptical about it, since i dont want to screw out my phone, (just for data, the S3 is still working but... a bit laggy and that shit) right now i'm using a Samsung Galaxy Grand (GT-9080L) also, never found the difference between the 9080 and 9080L, can't get it.
Thanks for reading and hope not to bore you guys.

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Well, simply rooting your phone (installing the root binaries (su, SuperSU, busybox)) will do absolutely nothing to your device (except for the space those apps take up in your /system partition) as far as performance goes.

Those binaries do not come in play until you use some other root-enabled app and grant permission for that app to use some root privileges.

I've rooted all my devices, but I can tell you that many of the needs or reasons to root in the past are now covered by functionality in stock Android.

So, my advice would be to wait to root if and until you actually find a specific reason for doing so.


P.S., I can move your thread to the all-things-root are for the SG Grand since you'll likely get additional (albeit probably root-related) advice from the folks in there. Let me know if you want it moved :).


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Thanks for answer, yes use that forum for giving me more advice, as everyone do now they want to root to get access to more stuff and customization apps, I'll think about it