Root Too many apps


I am running my NookColor on Cyanogen7. Is wonderful and the only problem is that too many ikons for apps I don't have or could use (like camera, phone etc.) are taking space. How can those unwanted ikon be deleted? Anybody please help me. Thanks Ferbat69:)


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If you have the paid (not free) version of Titanium Backup, you can freeze those apps. I surprised they aren't left out of the Nook version since they obviously don't work, but sometimes other apps/services will crash if certain apps aren't available.


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Not all apps frozen with Titanium Backup are removed from the app drawer. If you are using Launcher Pro Plus, there's a "hidden app" setting that will take care of it. Note that if you have already frozen an unused app, you may need to defrost it before it'll appear in the Launcher Pro list. After removing the icon you can go back and freeze it again if you want.