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Unable to locate "My Files" from S3 on my PC

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by CandyLiis, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. CandyLiis

    CandyLiis Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, guys!

    Could someone please help me.

    I wanted to put a PDF from my PC to my S3 home screen. As it came out such a simple thing is made very hard. I tried to move the file from SDCard folder to anywhere else - didn't work. Then, I finally created a shortcut folder from Apps and linked it to the SDCard directory folder - satisfactory. Not quite what I wanted, but is better than nothing. I got the file on SDCard directory by entering S3 My Files folder on my PC, created a new folder in there and draged the PDF into the new folder.

    I can download that PDF from the internet, no problem, but I can't move it out of the Dowloaded folder.

    So, would you pease help me and tell me:

    1. Why is it so complicated to put folders and files from PC to home screen on the phone?
    2. Why can't I move downloaded files into folders I need them to be? Or, if I can - why is it made so complicated?
    3. Is there a simple and easy way to do what I wanted to do? (without installing any document managing apps and stuff, because managing documents on the phone with an app - that's just stupid).

    I've been a huge fan of my S3, but things like this make me want to toss it at a wall or something.

    I know that with computers the problem is mostly between the chair and keyboard, am I being just downright stupid in these cases too?

    Thank you!

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  2. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    Hi CandyLiis
    In the case of android it is like but not the same as your computer.
    First there are 2 things that stop you First and foremost Root is not given to the user, you can root your phone, for that there are many guides/methods, if your not familiar having root permission on the phone is like having admin rights on your computer.

    Second thing is on your computer you have (on windows) windows explorer that will let you navigate your files structure. On android those are apps.
    The one I like is Root Explorer, its a paid app but its the most powerful and user friendly one I know of, there are others such as es explorer (free) that will do the same thing but with more complicated setup.

    Ok I hope I explained that without making things worse:D

    On to the nuts and bolts of it, once you have placed the pdf on your sd card, via the pc, you would need a program (app) that can read it/use it. PDF, may not be easy to use in android.
    Also the home screen is not like the desktop on your computer, it is not just a file on the hard drive, it is an app.

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