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Unlimited data/tethering plan/docks

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by knappkd, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. knappkd

    knappkd Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok. So, trying to get some information regarding unlimited data with this phone from AT&T. I have been on phone with them for awhile now and so far this is what I have found out. If you buy the Atrix you do not have to give up your unlimited data plan. However, if you use the laptop dock you do. So, this makes me wonder if the media dock will cause you to lose your plan and require you to get a tethering plan as well, since with the media dock you can connect to a monitor and use the web top application. I have been on hold for awhile waiting for answer. Hopefully I can get them to commit NO. (and get it in an email)

    Lastly, will they be able to tell that I am using the laptop dock/ media dock if I buy it elsewhere and just use it?

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  2. knappkd

    knappkd Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Wow, the AT&T supervisor kept calling the phone the natrix. It took them forever to believe that you could get a dock other than the laptop dock. Finally they found some information and they did they said with any dock, even the car dock, you would have to get a tethering plan. He said that all the docks are tethering devices. I tried to explain to him what tethering is, but I am not sure he ever understood. In the end they are supposed to call me tomorrow to give me more info.
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  3. lsutigers03

    lsutigers03 Android Enthusiast

    Considering how little this person knew I would take what they said with a grain of salt. Odds are they didn't find an answer and just went with the easiest answer which was yes you need tethering with everything. Also you don't need any dock to connect to a TV so even if they do for some reason add the tethering requirement to all docks just don't buy one.
  4. knappkd

    knappkd Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I thought about that. I figure you can connect a keyboard via bluetooth and monitor with hdmi, but I am concerned that they will be able to see that I am using the web top application w/firefox browser and then hi-jack my data plan.

    I really liked the idea of being able to connect to a monitor at work each day. And, I love the fingerprint reader, but I am not sure I can bring myself to give up my data plan.
  5. lsutigers03

    lsutigers03 Android Enthusiast

    I don't see how they can if you're using wifi and aren't on their network. Although I wouldn't be shocked if there was a message when you tried to use webtop saying that you need a tethering plan. I don't think that will happen though. I think AT&T is more concerned with people consuming a ton of data with a full desktop browser. I doubt they care if you use it on wifi.
  6. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Android Expert

    I agree. This is how they have busted data tethering in the past:
    1. User uses exorbitant amount of data across their network
    2. They look closely at the data information (version of the website, mobile or full)
    a. The code for most websites includes lines that tailor the website display and wrap the text, etc. for the device that is accessing it.​
    b. This special version is saved in the page history as a redirect or path, and will show up in the access history. ​
    3. they charge their fee (whatever that may be) and apply it to the bill or cancel the contract if ridiculous.

    Even if the user uses a large amount of data (provided it is an "unlimited" plan), they could only track it based on the access path/requests and redirects using AT&T's network (NOT WIFI). Using the Webtop-specific Firefox app will leave a "fingerprint" in that access path/request because it will be reflected in the url requested. Use the webtop firefox browser, and you're busted (if you give them reason to look closely at your data use or "scrub" it by searching for the fingerprint; but if you stick to the Android Browser app (or any of the montage of browsers available in the market), there is no way they will be able to tell the Atrix itself from the Dock.

    I am wondering if they can legally call it "tethering" to begin with, since it is not sharing the connection with a separate device, as the dock does not have a CPU or method of connection by itself. I am fairly certain that "tethering" was legally defined (by AT&T I think actually) because of people "stealing" and "pirating" the connection for use by another standalone device and avoiding having to pay for data to that separate device. This is not the case with the dock, and I am wondering if they will get away with this when it launches...

    It does look like you would have to sign up for the tethering to get the bundled price, and if that's the sale, the legal question wouldn't apply to those who want the bundled price (if anyone)...

    EDIT: I am not a practicing lawyer nor am I up to terms with the current legal situation surrounding mobile charges, etc. But based on what was the law like 5 years ago when I was a pre-law poli. Sci. undergrad, this would be legally questionable.
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  7. hipo

    hipo Lurker

    I agree, the dock is not a computer, is like listen pandora on the car with bluetooth stereo, or listen the music on the car with bluetooth is tethering?
    connect speaker to the atrix 4g is tethering?
  8. Phanbot

    Phanbot Lurker

    I'd like to see some proof that getting the Atrix 4G will not cause you to lose your unlimited data plan. I picked up an Atrix 4G from EBay and took the sim out of my iPhone 4 and put it in the Atrix and used it for a couple days, then I got this e-mail:

    Dear {Deleted my real name}, We hope you are enjoying your 4G Smartphone!
    We value your business and want to ensure you're set up with the right data plan for your Smartphone. If you have recently swapped a SIM card from your 3G handset into your 4G Smartphone, your data service may not work properly. Please call us at 1-800-331-0500 (or 611 from your wireless phone) and our team can help you establish service with an AT&T 4G Data Plan.
    Our team is ready to help you activate data service with the right plan. We look forward to your call.
    Thank you for being an AT&T customer.

    So if there's someone out there who's using an Atrix 4G with their unlimited account, please tell me how you managed to do so without getting an e-mail like the one I received. I'd like to continue using my Atrix without the loss of my unlimited account.
  9. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

    I haven't upgraded yet, but I spoke to someone in the AT&T store and they said that I can keep my unlimited data plan. I have read in these forums of others that have kept their unlimited plan too. I'm pretty sure you will have to have AT&T carry the unlimited data plan over for you, in their store.
  10. Evil.Bonsai

    Evil.Bonsai Android Enthusiast

    From what I understand, the iphone 4 data plan is NOT a SMARTPHONE plan. If you had moved from a different smartphone to the Atrix, you'd likely not be getting that message. But since you swapped phone type (iphone to smartphone), it's flagging your account. Just call them up and INSIST on moving your unlimited iphone plan to a smartphone plan. They flat out refused me when moving from an unlimited dumbphone plane to the atrix. I'm not too worried. Some day soon, ALL unlimited plans will be going away, in my opinion, and replaced by metered/tiered plans
  11. evilbastard

    evilbastard Well-Known Member

    I got the same email, and a text saying about the same thing. I called AT&T and explained when I first got the phone, I wasn't able to activate the new sim card with the online activation. So I just used my IPhone 3Gs sim. The women from AT&T said that my record showed my new Sim card was already activated?!? Anyway she said to continue using my current sim card since I wasn't having any problems with it.
  12. Czarcat

    Czarcat Well-Known Member

    I kept my unlimited data plan when I moved to the Atrix. AT&T will allow you to keep it. They don't make it easy though and you may have to go into a corporate store and speak with them.

    The activation process dropped my unlimited plan and then dropped my data plan altogether without ever notifying me. I didn't find out until I started getting messages from AT&T about data by the kb charges.

    I was dealing with Premier support and I have to say that they were nice but not at all helpful. I went to the AT&T store and they were awesome. I just explained the situation and they fixed everything.
  13. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    This happened to a local guy on the OG Iphone data plan. They would NOT transfer it over to his new atrix, so he sent it back.

    Also, ALL carriers have DPI boxes that can tell what you are running from a single packet. There was a long suggestion above that it's based on version of a web page, excessive data, etc.

    It doesn't matter if you try to fool all of that and even change your TTL's to match the phone. DPI boxes can do anything they want them to do. IMHO, it's also how they (ATT) are capping their u-verse internet service.
  14. gatorguy

    gatorguy Newbie

    You absolutely can keep your unlimited plan...call at&t (or if you can go to a store that would be better so you get written confirmation of what you did) and tell them you bought a new phone online and want to do an equipment change (this is different then upgrading and wont lock you into a new contract) and tell them you want to keep your unlimited data...its the same price but technically a different feature...they will switch you from iphone data to hspa+ data...(I know this works because i've personally done it....AND I work at an at&t store)

    Hope this helps! :)
  15. deathcylon

    deathcylon Lurker

    I just switched to AT&T last week, I went in got the atrix and the laptop doc, I told them I wanted an Unlimited plan, as in unlimited talk, text and unlimited 4G , they told me there is no such thing as an unlimited 4g plan, but there is an unlimited 3g plan, I opted for the 4g plan and also got the tethering package, the biggest package i could get for 4G was 4GB.
  16. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

    Okay. I was able to upgrade a month and a half early without penality. (I really love this phone.) I was able to keep my unlimited data plan. Also, I created my own fee network Wifi Hotspot for tethering and was able to download PDNet app as well. (I will only be using these for emergency purposes only.) Both works really well. Right now, I average about 1 GB cell data and about 2 GB Wifi data. (Not tethering)
  17. artbytes

    artbytes Android Enthusiast

    I also was able to upgrade and to keep my unlimited data plan. However, it's my understanding that I can't keep my unlimited plan AND also add tethering. (Verizon lets you do this, but not ATT.) Anyhow, I'd love to know how you negotiated your fee network Wifi Hotspot for tethering. I didn't think you could do that.
  18. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

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  19. artbytes

    artbytes Android Enthusiast

    I appreciate that link. Thanks.

    I don't have a steady need for tethering myself. It's really just for emergencies when I'm traveling and stuck without WIFI. That's not very often. I wish that ATT would allow us to add tethering as a feature we could just turn on when needed and still not have to give up our unlimited data plans - like Verizon does. For me, it would be worth it to just pay for the months I needed it and not have to resort to other means. It's making the Verizon Thunderbolt look pretty good for my usage. I'd have a plan that suited my needs - on the up and up - and when I needed it, a much faster connection. I actually am not anxious to make the switch, but it does make sense for my needs. I'd truly rather stay on ATT......
  20. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

    Ya. I know what you mean. I was seriously thinking about giving up my unlimited data and going for the 4GB tethering plan. After I tracked my monthly data usage, using both Wifi and cell data AT&T would have been the one making all that money off of me. I couldn't justify paying an extra $ 15 a month for something that I don't and won't use every month. What would be a good solution is to allow us to tether as we need it and pay per use.
  21. tabudev

    tabudev Lurker

    Brilliant.. Thanks mate. I wish I would have known a lot earlier. I would have used on my trip last week. Still, it never too late.
  22. sircolby45

    sircolby45 Member

    How did you get an upgrade a month and a half early? In my experience you couldn't even talk them into a week early!
  23. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

    Well, first I prayed about it. (God does answer prayers.) I went into an AT&T store, about two months before my original upgrade date, which was 5/27/11. I was in there buying a replacement charging cord for my wife's phone. I started talking to the rep. about early upgrading and he mentioned that they, with approval, could upgrade the primary line a month early. (Which ment 4/27/11) I went back into the same store on 4/14/11, to by a second charger for the car. (I kept leaving mine at the office.) I was talking to a different rep. then before about how upgrades are done thru Radio Shack. (They had it for $199 with the buy back program, which would have given me $48 towords the Atrix.) Long story short, I mentioned about the upgrade on 4/27 and he actually called his manager, which was out of the store, and asked for permission to upgrade me that day.

    So the Lord blessed me, that day, with the most power phone on the planet. I am thankful to him for it. Love the phone by the way.
  24. tabudev

    tabudev Lurker

    First of all stop lying mate. You can't do this. iPhone 4 comes with micro sim and Atrix 4g with normal sim. Right now you can swap the sim between any two mobiles, not with iPhone 4.

    Lot of people here are complaining about early upgrade and problem with keeping unlimited plan. I did not see any of them were problematic for me. My contract on my iPhone 3g was supposed to finish by this April/ May, But I got upgrade as early as last November. My wife's gift for my birthday in November was iPhone 4. I did the upgrade thro Apple website (because they waived the activation fee at that time). I had no problem in keeping my unlimited plan by that time.
    Then I was able to upgrade my wife's phone (we are on family plan and my one is the primary one) two month before the original contract period. What I did here was I wanted the Atrix so that I asked her whether she is willing to use my iPhone 4 and let me get a new Atrix on her upgrade. She said ok. I upgraded her line and asked the associate at the local store to swap the number. I was able to keep my unlimited plan on my Atrix (She wanted to get new sims for both phones). The data plan is associated with your number not with phone, that is where ever you go it will follow you means your data plan does not change just because you get a new phone. My wife was using 200 MP on her earlier phone, it followed to her iPhone 4 too. Only problem here is I can upgrade to new phone two years from November 2010 and my wife can upgrade two years from March, 2011. But if I need to completely ditch AT&T then I need to wait until her contract is finished (since both are tied on family plan)
    I don't know whether they let me do that because Verizon was getting iPhone 4 and 3g was a crap to compared to iPhone 4. I need to wait and see what they do when I try to upgrade in next two year.
  25. tabudev

    tabudev Lurker

    Hey, My advice for you is not to call those bunch of stupids and waste your time, it's a pain to call them and get the things done. Based on my experience with those people I would say they have no idea even what the AT&T is doing. Log in into your AT&T account (if you don't have one, create one), click on 'check Upgrade options', select your device and click on 'view all models' or select the one you are looking for. Your upgrading option will be available there. If the website shows you are eligible for early upgrade you are, if not sorry mate you are not.
    Correction to my previous post:
    Just now I checked my upgrade option to make sure I write every thing right here. According to the web site I am eligible for upgrade at no commitment price on 3/21/2012. That is 6 month before my contract on my primary line ends (Supposed to end by November 2012). Go ahead and Cheers.

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