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Unlocked HTC One on Straight Talk

Discussion in 'Straight Talk' started by Wfs0801, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Wfs0801

    Wfs0801 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm thinking about buying an unlocked HTC One and putting it on Straight Talk. I know nothing about smartphones (Only had the 1 I currently use), and I've always been with Verizon. That plus I'm very un-tech savvy, means I know basically nothing about all this unlocked, AT&T/T-Mobile sim, etc. stuff that I've read when I searched online about getting the HTC One on Straight Talk.

    Now that you know I have no knowledge whatsoever, I'd like to know what is the process, and what do I need to do to get the HTC One on Straight Talk? What is the difference between the ATT&T and T-Mobile sim? Which is better and which should I go with. I know these may seem like dumb questions, but as I stated I have no knowledge (We all have to start from somewhere), and as this will be a pretty big purchase to buy the phone outright, I don't want to have any mess ups. Also, I live in the Eastern United States (Maryland). Does anyone know if I will get decent coverage in this area? The main reason I want to get Straight Talk is so I can get data cheaper and stream music more often from Pandora, so if you know that I can't get good signal I won't even bother.

    I look forward to reading your responses and chatting to learn more about this topic. Thank you in advanced for your patience in helping me with this.

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  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    WELCOME TO ANDROID FORUMS Wfs0801! :party:

    I'd start here,in the STRAIGHT TALK forum,as the most important decision w/phone use begins w/the best service possible + bang for the $.

    I don't know too much about the MVNO's,except that a number of them do not have 4G/LTE.I'd suggest T-MOBILE pre-paid,provided they serve your area well,as their service is also available as a pre-paid option.

    Some of the other limitations w/pre-paid &/or MVNO's such as STRAIGHT TALK is that there is no roaming available,or,if you choose to do so,you'll pay a premium for it.

    As you mentioned,there's a lot to consider.

    Keep us posted on your outcome & once again,WELCOME TO ANDROID FORUMS!
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  3. marctronixx


    Welcome Wfs0801,

    moved your discussion here since you are not asking about the service and how to setup service.

    If/when you get the htc one, head over to the forum and read up on the FAQs and Tips threads. Lots of information available. Also, if you ever need some personal help with the HTC one (I own one), feel free to send me an offline message and I will help in anyway I can.

    Happy phone hunting. :)
  4. oldnoob2

    oldnoob2 Member

    ST doesn't sell the AT&T sim any more, so you don't have to worry about that decision. If you go with them you will be on the T-Mobile network, so make sure you have good signal from them in your area.
  5. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender

    Also, keep in mind streaming music and downloading not using wifi breaks their TOS, eventually leading to them disabling your data for the rest of the month until reset.

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