Help UPDATE: Need tester for the updated SPRINT FG11 baseband


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PH8AL and I are working on updating the baseband for the SPRINT Ultra without having to flash back to stock for rooted phones.

Actually PH8AL is doing all the work.

I had all the necessary files except one. The mmcblk0p6 from a FG11 baseband Sprint Ultra. This file contains NO personnal information. If anyone is able to help PLEASE hit me up and I will give directions on how to obtain it if you don't know how.

We have the necessary files but it is easier to receive the file from a SPRINT phone that is already updated then to decompile then recompile the file (according to PH8AL). Without him this might not be able to be done.


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Thanks. I"m going to see if I can find it in the FG11 update but it would be a lot easier if some one could snag it off a phone for me. Copy and paste to your sdcard.


That makes it simple real simple.


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So we now have the needed file for the update of the Sprint baseband. Since I was the one who went back to stock and applied all updates and is currently with the updated baseband, I know longer am able to test this.

We are in need of tester for the Sprint baseband update. Any takers?

Please remember we are in no way responsible for what happens to your phone. Even though every precaution has been used to ensure nothing goes wrong, it is a phone and things can go wrong. Please do at your own risk.


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Great news!!!

But first I need to know everything your rooted has. What baseband you have, what version android, rom, sprint or boost. Just the normal things.

Plus I need you to understand, what you do to your phone is up to you. We are NOT responsible if anything goes wrong. Even though we take every precaution, things happen (plus it is a phone).

Let me know if you are still willing.

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