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[UPDATE] Stock Rom 2.3.6 DDKQ8(INU) overview!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by galaxyace152, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. galaxyace152

    galaxyace152 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Do you have a locked phone or a phone on contract?


  2. SashiX

    SashiX Well-Known Member

    Updated my Ace yesterday to 2.3.6 (XWKT7). No problems so far. I'm from Europe (Spain) btw.
  3. anitf2

    anitf2 Lurker

    updated from 2.3.4

    didnt lose any settings or data (unlike when upgrading from 2.2 to 2.3.4), all the apps and everything is as it was... Thank you, had no problems.

    Phone is visibly faster! Just wait till it chugs through all the shit on first boot...
  4. Lyta

    Lyta Newbie

    Is this Rom supposed to be rooted, as it's not for me, no probs to root it though I would think, if it is not rooted what program would be the best choice to root it ???

  5. Lyta

    Lyta Newbie

    Also I don't seem to have the option anymore to just connect to 2g network, so I think I am 3g all the time now, I liked the option to connect to 2g as it saved power :(

    I never cleared the cache, I hope I can go back and do it now ????

    Or maybe it's an Indian thing, no 2g in India or 3g, not sure how I am connected, but I can make calls.

    It seems I do have 3g access, I had it in gsm mode only and not gsm/wcdma auto mode, it sems the only way I can turn 3g on and off is two switch between them, as I have no way of doing it the other way ???



    I just read that 3g is not that popular in India so maybe this rom does not have 3g support in it, I don't seem to be able to connect to 3g with it at all, am I doing something wrong ???
  6. galaxyace152

    galaxyace152 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Look at this: [​IMG]

    2g is GSM mode and 3g is wcdma mode! You should be able to switch between them like that!
    Clear the cache or you may have problems. There is nothing wrong because it is an Indian rom. It will be compatible all over the world and it will work with all the functions.

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  7. Lyta

    Lyta Newbie

    Yeah that's the way i have been switching, just a tiny bit different to my stock rom where it had the use 2g option, still works the same basically :)


    Was this rom supposed to be rooted, as it was not and I had to use one of my root programs to root it, which worked fine :)

  8. galaxyace152

    galaxyace152 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    You should root it manually.
    Use this method: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=27159355

    It will work well.
  9. Lyta

    Lyta Newbie

    It's all rooted and installed and working perfectly, one problem though, is it supposed to now work with kies, seems I can't connect to it now so I can load all my backed up numbers and stuff.

    Id there something I have to now turn on on the phone to be able to use keys again ???

  10. galaxyace152

    galaxyace152 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Kies sometimes doesnt detect device. So try to restart the computer and/or phone or try to uninstall and install drivers.
  11. socrates0

    socrates0 Android Enthusiast

  12. galaxyace152

    galaxyace152 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Was this supposed to be posted here?
  13. socrates0

    socrates0 Android Enthusiast

    Yes It was meant for those who use KIES to backup/sync etc of their phone data. Since KIES is so problematic its better to use this s/w for these functions. Its better to use KIES only to update the phone s/w, if one wants to do that. :)
  14. Mackinon

    Mackinon Android Enthusiast

    I never had any problem connecting my phone to Kies and it only detects phone running on official firmware, and i am not sure if it give any problem connecting a rooted phone. just make sure you have the required hardware and software needed to run kies and if required download Galaxy Ace Drivers separately and install on you system, you can find the at samfirmware.com

    updating to 2.3.6 if you are already on 2.3.4 i would suggest to do an OTA as its just a 14MB download compared to all the wizards that you have to go through.
    and if you are still on 2.2 froyo and can't connect to kies that god help you... but in that case you can still flash the update through odin if update is all you want.
  15. socrates0

    socrates0 Android Enthusiast

    ;) I too never had any problem with KIES except its a bitch when trying to connect via Bluetooth/WiFi. And I know its a temperamental s/w at best :D Since I was using 'MyPhoneExplorer' with my old phone Sony Ericsson K750i & this s/w started supporting Android and my current phone is an Ace my transfer of data was seamless. After using it for more than 5+ yrs I can say its much better than KIES (in both phones) in every way except that it cannot update the Firmware or connect to Samsung Apps. I connect to MyPhoneExplorer either via bluetooth or by wifi & its a breeze either way, rarely a usb cable. Even my update from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6 recently was by OTA lol not KIES. :D
  16. Mackinon

    Mackinon Android Enthusiast

    I will try using this 'MyPhoneExplorer' just to see if for my self but i don't need to do any back up on my system as every thing i have is on my sd card and some useful stuff i keep in dropbox, photos are also uploaded in dropbox and the remaining is the sms and the call logs which i use Sms backup+ to save it in my gmail. all contacts saved in google contacts. so i don't need to do any backup, the phone does it by itself....:D
  17. chrcol

    chrcol Well-Known Member

    if the phone is rooted use 'my backup root' to backup.

    it can also do call logs and sms backups and is a free app.
  18. socrates0

    socrates0 Android Enthusiast

    Isn't that only for rooted phones?
  19. Mackinon

    Mackinon Android Enthusiast

    i have backup of my apps using "Apps Backup and restore" and i want to backup my app data as well can you suggest me something.. currently my phone is rooted so i can use TB but is there any option for unrooted phone coz if i flash back to official firmware i don't want to root it again to restore the TB apps
  20. sagie69

    sagie69 Lurker

    its already been a week and more days I install this update version, and no bug found its better than 3.3.4, fast reboot, battery life increase, touch improved....etc, so far to good.
  21. eardigo

    eardigo Lurker


    does it work for any baseband?
    My galaxy ace has baseband S5830BVJKP7 (brazil) and I'd like to know if I can proceed with upgrade.

  22. galaxyace152

    galaxyace152 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    It may not work for 5830B
    BTW you can go to sammobile.com and get the file for your phone region and flash with odin just like I mentioned above.

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