samsung galaxy ace

  1. T

    Samsung GT-S5830D - No Boot

    Hello everyone. I inherited my son's Samsung GT-S5830D when he upgraded. He replaced this phone because his battery swelled and it would barely hold a charge. I thought I would give this phone to my mother as she would like to have a phone of her own. I bought a cheap (C$4.23) 2500 mAh...
  2. Peter789

    Ace 7275 Has no usb ability

    My new 7275 has no USB capacity. I tried Kies and it does not work. I plugged it into my pc. Then went to system.....but no applications for picture of a green robot. What can I do to transfere phtos etc to my pc? Thanks Peter
  3. J

    Help Samsumg Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 Bricked

    Hello, I am having trouble retrieving my bricked phone, it is a Samsumg Galaxy Ace GT-S5830. I had placed a cyanogen rom, just not followed the steps properly and even managed to install, but some features such as camera and file manager were not working. So I decided to try to return to the...
  4. C

    Help Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 Need Help With Connection

    Hello all new to forumn and first post . I have a problem with A GALAXY ACE S5830 the carrier was three network uk. the operating system of the phone has been wiped and i was trying to use odin to flash a stock firmware to it but i can not get connection in download mode whatsoever tried various...
  5. B

    can we sync Contacts from Exchange Server Account to Android

    hi, i have a issue i dont know if we can do this or not, i have selected the sync Contacts already and when i search it show in case there is connectivity to Exchange Server, but if there is not it does not show the Contacts of exchange server , is there any way i can sync lo local devices ?
  6. diana solis

    I can't access my recovery mode.

    I want to update my os to Kitkat so i decided to install CWM 5 and it works successfully. i read some instruction to upgrade the version of my CWM5 to CWM6. after that i turn off my phone and about to enter the recovery mode to see if it was totally upgrade to CWM6 but when i started to hold the...
  7. ChrisZkieB

    Recovery mode in Galaxy Ace

    Help me. I cant enter recovery mode. I just install CWMode in my cellphone then after that i cant enter, my android version is froyo 2.2.1 and its build number, FROYO.DXKB1. Help me please, thank you in advance. :)
  8. P

    How to stop applications from starting?

    Hello, I have a generic guestion. I've got an old ACE with android version 2.3.5 (not normally upgradeable) and I want to kill the drain on my battery. So I stop my applications like Mail, Skype, etc. I also disable WI-FI and I don't have a network plan, just a pay-as-you-go phone card. However...
  9. B

    Google Images swipe

    Has the Android protocol for Google Images changed ? I used to be able to swipe the screen to scroll through the images but now I have to tap on an arrow in order to move from one image to the next. I was wondering if I'd inadvertently clicked on a wrong setting that introduced the arrows. Can...
  10. Andrew767

    please help compare BrcmBluetoothServices

    I would like to verify if the BrcmBluetoothServices on my Samsung Galaxy Ace is acting normally. Bluetooth services are disabled on my phone. This process BrcmBlue.. does NOT get listed by the phone if you look under either - Applications:"running services" or Applications:"Manage...
  11. M

    Root Samsung galaxy ace s5830 in boot loop and usb download doesn't work.

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace s3850 which had a problem with the wifi connection. As described on many forums the solution is to root the phone and then enter a code into the phone. It is needed to reload the wifi driver and is explained here: Needless to say driver loading was unsuccessful...
  12. L

    Samsung galaxy ace problem com. process. Gapps

    Can somebody help me
  13. L

    Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT-S5830i working root

    I found this site where the root .zip works Necessary Info can be found on the site
  14. elbmek

    S2 Rubbish

    Its been a long time since I had this litle monster. Battery life less than a day, and useless overall. After the S2 I went to Sony Experia, wasnt bad, battery lasted a couple of days, then got a hardware problem with the recharge socket, the shop I took it to ruined phone and (due to the fact I...
  15. B

    Root Rooting GT-S5839i says E: cant mount /sdcard

    I have downloaded file and copied it to my SD card. When I boot in recovery mode and try to apply the update I get the error message "E: cant mount /sdcard". There are several solutions to this problem but I've seen none which are specific to my phone model (Samsung Galaxy Ace...
  16. Clayswiss

    Root Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830D

    I need help for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830
  17. aquillaa1

    Root i have rooted galaxy ace s5830i and superuser programes stuck on my phone wont let me delete

    any body help please
  18. L

    Help how to fix damaged sd card without losing photos

    i constantly have problems with this damn phone, and regularly the sd card just stops working. i turned the phone off last night and this morning the sd card isnt working, again. i cant connect it to my computer at all to do a chkdsk, the phone is asking if i want to reformat, but i have a few...
  19. P

    Help Resetting Samsung Galaxy Ace To factory settings?

    Hi there i want to factory reset my Samsung Galaxy ACE. I have come across a website that shows you how to reset it. I have tried it and its wiped everything off but the phone still...
  20. banjo

    Help activate memory card in galaxy ace

    How do I activate my memory card & transfer data to it. Thanks Banjo
  21. J

    Help Phone Stuck on "Samsung" Screen

    My Galaxy GT-S5839i is stuck on the "Samsung" screen. I wonder if there is a tutorial which will take me through the process of rectifying the problem Any Help will be appreciated Cheers
  22. R

    How do I block someone's number?

    I am having a problem with someone calling me up to 10 times a day. I can't find anywhere in options to block this caller. Anyone know a quick way of blocking a number please? I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace
  23. T

    Admit defeat plz help samsung galaxy ace 2 i8160

    hello i have two i8160 phones but im having so much issues with everything i have tried using odin to flash stock roms i have used CWM and TWRP recoveries but no hope everytime i flash a rom stock or no for this device both of them when you reboot it gets stuck on samsung logo i had one of them...
  24. T

    Help Unable to remove Voicemail icon in notification bar

    There are no messages in my Virgin Mobile voicemail inbox and have turned off voicemail on my account yet I have a 'new voicemail' icon in the notification bar of my Samsung Galaxy Ace, Gingerbread 2.3.6. I have tried rebooting, removing sim card and battery but the icon returns. Is there any...
  25. P

    Help Blocking websites

    Hi I would really like to be able to block Google Images on my sons samsung gt-s5830i Any idea if I can do this?