Updated and lost home screen folders


Apr 6, 2016
I used to have links to files in folders on my home screen. I keep things like shopping lists and list of things to do in a text file and put a link to them in a folder on my home screen. I updated the software, I am now at 11, and they disappeared.
Now I can't even create a link to a file on the home screen. I used to long press the file icon and I would get an option to add it to the desktop. That no longer works. I have a Pixel 3. How do I get them back?
Those are gone forever, unfortunately.
Android stores those folders on your home screen virtually, with no option to get them back.
You can install a different launcher from the play store, such as Nova launcher, which I use, that you can recreate those virtual folders again.
I realize they are gone forever. I just want to recreate them again but am unable to do so. I didn't need an app to create them the first time in an older version. So now I need an app?
Something you said gave me the answer. I forgot I need an app to do this, I thought it was default files. I realized the app I had was not updated for the new version so I had to get a newer file manager app. Works now, thanks.