Help Upgrade to 2.2 - no Wi-fi


Hi everyone.

Yesterday morning I upgraded my Htc Wildfire from 2.1 to 2.2.

Since the upgrade, it's been impossible to get a connection to my home wi-fi network:mad:, while it was totally fine before.

The phone tries to connect, starts acquiring the IP address, than for some reason the process stops and starts from scratch again.

As the phone is able to connect to other networks, I think the problem is somehow related to the encryption system in use (WEP for my home network).

Has anyone experienced any similar problem?

Is it possible to roll back to 2.1?



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Welcome to the forums.

Wifi issues after an upgrade are common, and usually point to the need for reconfiguration of wifi and a reboot or two.

Rather than just going into wifi and putting in your settings, disable clear all settings manually, then disable wifi (turn it off ;)), then reboot and start over, carefully putting in all settings.

Also, the home router might have kept your old IP address for the device, so it is a good idea to restart the router.


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@frisco, thanks for your answer.

I did try rebooting my mobile, both soft and hard, but I was still unable to get any connection to my home network.

The problem is somehow related to acquiring a Dinamic IP address and I solved it simply assigning a Static one manually.

I hope this simple solution will help anyone who faces the same issue.