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Vastu Compass

Discussion in 'Alpha & Beta Testing' started by cooldev, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. cooldev

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    Feb 10, 2013
    Software Developer

    A simple to use Compass, to check whether your house is according to Vastu (meaning perfect for you to live in).
    How to Use:
    - Stand in the middle of the house.
    - Make sure needle is aligned to North.
    - Simply tap to enter the parts of the house.
    - An icon will appear on the compass screen with either of Green, Red or Black ring.
    - Green ring indicates, the direction for the room is good according to Vastu.
    - Red ring indicates, the direction for the room is bad according to Vastu.
    - Black ring indicates, the direction for the room is neither good nor bad according to Vastu.
    - Tap on added room to see more information.
    - Press Menu -> Clear, to remove all icons & start over

    You can evaluate following rooms for Vastu Compliancy.
    - Kitchen
    - Master Bedroom
    - Children Bedroom
    - Guest Bedroom
    - Living Room
    - Bathroom/toilet
    - Terrace
    - Store Room
    - Pooja Room
    - Study Room
    - Entrance

    1. Simple user interface, just tap to add the part of the house
    2. Easy to understand, the colour of ring around the icons, indicates the Vastu compliancy of room
    3. Just tap on icon to see additional information.
    3. Menu -> Clear to remove all rooms & start over again.

    Your feedback is most welcome!!


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