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Viewpad7 wont connect with WiFi

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deleted User, Oct 19, 2011.

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    I have just been given a new VPad7. Its brand new. Problem is it wont connect with internet via my home router (Livebox). I have checked with viewsonic who just said connection was all automatic so long as ssid was right. I double checked that and it is. Apart from that they said all they could suggest was a reset of the Vpad and router. I've done that and it didnt work. It connects to wifi through hotspots no problem and I have a PC and laptop running off the router OK. Supplier has since suggested that the router needs to be reconfigured, so asked Orange who just said a reboot might fix it. (it didnt). Has anyone had this problem before? If so whats the answer??? I'm thinking it must be settings in the router but I dont want to muck up my other connections just trying to fix the tablet. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers.

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    OK, So I've now answered my own question! For information the livebox mini has a pairing button which when pressed simultaneously with attempting to connect wirelessly from the tablet using the supplied security key (or your own if you have reset it since it was supplied)will allow for a very brief period another wireless unit to be accepted. The tablet will remember the key and connect automatically if in range when its wireless is turned on in the future. Just goes to show - supplier was half right in the beginning, but didnt mention pairing - obvious when I think about it!

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