Help Water damage indicator?



Where are the water indicators on the S2 and what colour are they if they have not been activated?

I thought they were normally white and turn red/pink after being wet. All I can see in the battery compartment is a small clear (or black) sicker beside the white plate with IMEI etc on it. I am asking as when I was out on my bike recently the GPS stopped working properly and I am slightly worried that sweat has gotten into the phone (the GPS is fine now).



Didn't know there were 'water indicators' in any phone?!

quite common in phones actually (and maybe whatever electronic that voids warranty due to water damage).

As far as I know they are like some sort of sticker in the hardware which will undergo color change once in contact with water (irreversible chemical reaction).


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Not sure of the location of the moisture detection stickers in the SG2 but you can bet there are at least three. Usually one in the battery compartment that you can see. The others will be inside the phone, one most likely near the headphone jack hole and the other likely inside near the USB connector.