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Weird problems w screen and bluetooth

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by djelton, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. djelton

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    So I bought the X10 Mini Pro, first it was with Android 1.6 and it crashed a lot, screen sensitivity died etc. Then i almost immediately updated to 2.1, it was faster, but some of the problems remained. First of all, my screen touch just died for a few minutes, you could see the screen, navigate w physical buttons, but the touchscreen didn't respond, I couldn't even switch the phone off, because for that you need the screen, so I waited for a few minutes and it started working again. It happeneed rarely and now, 6 days after purchase there are almost none at all. Then the second problem was that the screen was doing what it wants. Imagine if you raise your computer mouse a little to the air, it begins to shake and move about. Same did my screen and sometimes it didn't even need my touch for the initiative. I tried to draw with an drawing app, and i saw that all the areas of the phone were clear except the top few millimeters which were uncontrollable and did what they wanted.

    Few days ago I also purchased an SE headset HBH-IV835, connected it and called with it. The voice dreadful, horrible, but the other side heard me crystal clear. I tried the same headset with different phones and it worked, so it must be something with the phone.

    I would like to know that is there a fix or is it more reasonable to contact my warranty? I don't really like the warranty thing, because it's an 6 days old phone and I don't want it to be in the repair shop for atlast 2 weeks:S

    Also, is it possible to root the phone, delete some unnecessary apps and then unroot it or deroot it or something to keep the warranty?

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