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What screen protector is this and is there one for the DInc?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bug Splat, May 30, 2010.

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    Reusable Screen Protector Samsung Omnia i910

    I bought this guy for my Omnia and it has been the best protector I have ever used. First I bought the ones sold verizon stores and it got all scratched up after a month of pocket carry. Figured I would go expensive and picked up a ZAGG and hated it beyond words. It feels rubbery and the finger sweeps were sticky and jumpy. Had it on for 2 days and ripped it off and danced on its grave.

    But the product in the link has been 100% scratch free for over 1.5 years and not one bubble or lifted edge with pocket carry. The site does not sell a screen protector for the Incredible nor do they say who makes it. Anyone have an idea of who the supplier might be or who who sells a similar product? I'm looking for a smooth feeling and scratch free protector.


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