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Which App To Replace My Daytimer

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by bk1, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. bk1

    bk1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I use my daytimer more so as a notebook than for planning my day. I use my outlook/android calendar to keep track of appointments. I mainly use my daytimer to keep track of things that occur during the day or things I need to remember for later that day. I also keep track of time I worked at a specific client so I have it when I go through later in the week and prepare invoices. So, is there an app that would work well for that? I am thinking some kind of journal program maybe. Thanks.

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  2. tvande

    tvande Newbie

    Think I've seen time tracker programs for keeping track of time spent on projects. Do a search on App Market or AppBrain, should get you some good results.

    As for keeping track of things...you might want to look at Google Tasks, that way you could process them later on your desktop. Evernote keeps track of webclippings so not sure that you can write things and send it there but you might want to take a look at it also.
  3. gdpmumin

    gdpmumin Newbie

    I have used PocketInformant for years. It started as a Windows Mobile app, was eventually ported to the iPhone and BlackBerry, and is now in beta for the Android. Except for the BlackBerry, on which OS limitations keep it from being all it can be, PI truly is (in my opinion) the best calendar app available. You can find it in the market.

    Give it a shot and see what you think.

    (And, no, I don't have any affiliation with WebIS, the developer of PI, other than the fact that I have used their products for a long time.)
  4. DemDog

    DemDog Well-Known Member

    I also used PI for years on my Windows Mobile devices. Not my first smart phone though.

    Just downloaded and installed PI and found it to be okay. Having not used it for over a year I was able to catch on very quickly with how it worked.

    Unfortunately, I found that PI is not a handy for me as Jorte Calendar. PI monthly view does not show me anything other than a bold date number to indicate that there is something set up for that day. On Jorte I can see that there is something set up at a quick glance without having to touch the date to see what it is.

    Also the tasks that I have set up in Google Tasks won't sync. Seems I need to set them up in something called Tooledo.

    I am happy with the seemless way that Jorte works with Google, Google Tasks. Think I will keep that for now.
  5. gdpmumin

    gdpmumin Newbie

    DemDog, it sounds like you have a system that's working well for you. But I'll just point out that PI does exactly what you're wanting it to do. In month view, tap on a date and the list of events populates the bottom portion of the window. Maybe there's a specific setting for that, but I think it does that "out of the box," so I'm not sure why PI wouldn't be doing that for you.
  6. kat3k

    kat3k Member

    Thanks for the heads up that Pocket Informant is on board. I used it with Windows Mobile a while ago. In the quest for the perfect calendar and/or journal, I have found Calendar Pad (the Pro version with customization) to be best for me so far, but will definitely try PI now. 2 good journal apps I'm using, both of which allow for adding photos, links, audio, etc, are Ultra Mate Journal and Orange Diary.

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