Help Why did my phone automatically notify my contacts of a change in SIM card?


I recently bought a temporary sim card for work, and put it into my personal mobile phone (samsung galaxy ace - orange provider).

I started using it at work, but suddenly got a call from my boyfriend. I could understand that his number would be recognised by the phone as his number was stored there - but could not work out how he had got the number! I had literally only had the new sim card in for an hour!

When I spoke to him he said that he had received a text message saying "New sim card no: xxxxxxxxxx(but with numbers) New phone number: xxxxxx(but with the new number)" and had decided to call the number to see who it was!

I looked at my text messages and couldnt see any record of such a text being sent. Also it didnt send one to my colleage at work, whose number is also stored on my phone.

Was it a Samsung thing, or an Orange thing? Why was it sent and who to?

Any ideas? I am perplexed!