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why is it so cheap? what can i expect?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by InGearX, Jul 22, 2017.

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    so after 1.5 years of use my Galaxy Tab S2 8" battery is failing ...

    * discharging very fast when the screen is on = using it (2 hours of use)
    * discharging even when i am charging it (when the screen is on = using it)
    * charging at only 10% an hour if phone is completley off
    * charging very slowly if the phone is on but screen is off

    hmmm is it normal for it to fail after 1.5 years?

    so i ordered this battery ... the only one i could find that will make it in time in UK before my trip


    it is just for £11.99 =~ $15 USD / €13 Euro

    they have a 98.2% Positive Feedback

    what can i expect from this battery?

    any advice?

    thank you

    they even have this item info:

    fake review?

    and from the seller item description:


  2. InGearX

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    maybe its ok

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