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Support WIFi Access Point ptoblems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SuperRoo, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. SuperRoo

    SuperRoo New Member
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    Dec 14, 2011

    am having problems with the WIFI access point. Recentyle changed from Telstra to Amaysim (Optus network) and now no device can work with the wifi access from the Wildfire. By work I mean:
    • the phone can connect to the internet & works OK
    • the phone can connect via wifi to the device and works OK (device recieves IP address and says it is connected using WPA2(AES)
    • when I open a browser on device, no data is downloaded and (on Mac) "sending request" is seen...nothing happens after that. On Windows it just times out.
    By device I mean:
    • windows laptop
    • macbook
    • iPad
    Remember the WIFI access was working before the provider change.
    Tethering has been enabled on Amaysim side and I can use a USB cable to connect a Windows laptop to the internet.

    Not the MacBook though.
    I have changed the USB Passtrough settings (Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> USB Tethering Type) to Mac OS X fo the MacBook. The MacBook network preference show that the device is connected and supplying an IP. However result is same with no internet access from the MacBook.

    Amaysim reckon it is the phone and I am inclined to agree...any help from out there as I would love to get the WIFI going again


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