Will I have problems coming back to sprint?


Over the past 2 years or so I've been with sprint about 3 times, each time I've ported out back to Verizon and paid my etf. The last two times I signed up they had to call corporate to activate me a new account.

I really want the EVO and I think this might finally be the phone for me. I just worry that I might have problems going back to them again. I've always paid my bill on time and always paid my ETF promptly, and I've never had any sort of credit limit attached to my account. Will I have problems going back to them for a fourth time?:eek:


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I think it will depend on how they are feeling at the moment. I don't see why not though as they seem to get a lot of money out of you. But then again they might hold a grudge


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Yup, only way to find out, is to do it. If you're with Verizon now I would suggest not telling them this information. Just tell them you are pre-ordering the Evo and let them handle it. :)
As long as you haven't run your credit with Sprint in the last 90 days, there shouldn't be any problem. And mentioning the fact that you're currently with Verizon won't make any difference, but it could only help your cause if the reps are aware that you're considering switching to Sprint...