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Wireless backup/rearview camera app?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by web1b, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. web1b

    web1b Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Instead of installing a navigation system with video input [​IMG] or a rear view mirror with a display screen [​IMG](each of which cost $500 to well over $1000 installed, why not an app that can display the camera picture on your Android screen mounted on your dash?

    The app would just need to be able to talk to a wireless camera mounted on the back of your car and be very easy to launch and turn off when needed to back up.

    Most of these cameras use 2.4Mhz frequency, so I suppose there is no way for an Android phone to communicate with them, but couldn't one be made with something else like bluetooth? Maybe a dock with a 2.4Mhz adapter?

    Seems like a good idea for some company if they can make it easy enough to use when you need it.

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  2. Tempusfugit

    Tempusfugit Android Enthusiast

    Backup cameras in rear view are like 100-200 dollars, and if you already have a dvd or nav screen can be put in to that for the same price.

    Its a cool idea, but I'd rather have something with a screen always there, than making sure my phone is in the cradle and connected. Oh and 99% of cradles have the phone in portrait, which would suck for a back up camera.
  3. web1b

    web1b Lurker
    Thread Starter

    It's not the cost of just the camera by itself. A camera alone is useless. You are assuming someone already has a nav system in their car and that it's also capable of using the camera. If you need to buy a new nav system and get it installed, you are looking at $1000+ after installation with a camera and the nav software might be junk and it's a theft target.
    Many people use their Android smart phone as their nav system now. They take it with them everywhere including their car.
    I could care less if the cradle is portrait if it works and saves so much money. Rotatable cradles also exist.
  4. Abber

    Abber Lurker

    I was trying to install a wireless back-up camera just as Web1b mentioned, I just don't want to go through the hassle of hard wire the monitor hiding the cable etc. If it can be synced with my Android that would be the app of the year! any ideas??


  5. kbaumga1

    kbaumga1 Lurker

    I too am looking for an app like this. One that could somehow receive wirelessly the images from a rear mounted camera and display them on my Motorola Droid 3. Surely someone can come up with something for this. I'm tempted to mount my old droid on the inside of my back window, set it up so it boots up with a video app that uploads video to the internet, and then use my droid 3 on the front window mount to access the website with that live video. Only problem is I have to have wifi hotspot activitated on my Droid 3 and that costs extra. Or I accept that this solution only works in my driveway where it can access my home wifi.
  6. People who have seen the damage done to cars by thieves stealing built-in nav systems know they don't want one.
  7. ryanjcarter

    ryanjcarter Lurker

    It seems like a Rooted phone with Wi-Fi Access Point software and a Wi-Fi Camera with built in Web Server would do the trick. IR would be nice too.

    Connect the camera to your Wi-Fi (DHCP) and get the IP Address of the camera when you connect (there should be a "connected devices" list on the Wi-Fi AP Software), then go to the URL of the camera from your browser.

    I thought about trying it, but don't really have a need for the Camera right now if it didn't work well enough.

    Let me know if someone gets this to work. It sure would make backing out of my driveway easier at night. (Something to consider when you have your windows tinted dark...)

    Here are links for a possible app/camera solution:


    Original EasyN FS-613B-M166 WIFI IR IP Camera Pan/Tilt 2-ways Audio Nightvision on eBay!

    and... go!
  8. Hermy09

    Hermy09 Lurker

    That's great idea I think to reduce many car accident happening in every road. I've read here rule for mandatory back-up cameras delayed, it says Department of Transportation was set to recommend Congress mandate car makers install back-up cameras on all models. However, he has decided to wait to issue a rule on the matter. Well car makers already install the cameras on 45 percent of new models and are available as options on a further 23 percent of new models. The addition of the cameras is thought to add anywhere from $53 to $203 per vehicle. All has been told, the auto industry is expected to have to spend an additional $2.7 billion per year with these back up camera.
  9. hekza33

    hekza33 Lurker

    Actullay i tried before, as a result it works.

    1- You can not connect the power cables of the wifi IP Cam to backup lights due to 45 second connection delay for getting IP address. Advice: get power from Fog lights. Before parking you can turn your light in advance so you don't waste time, and park quickly.
    2- Due to size of the Cmos camera module it will not good look on B and C class cars if you want to installed it on the plate instead of drilling a hole on your bumper. But if you have a big truck nobody will notice this cam in your big vehicle, especially if it is square design. (If you decide to installed it try to order wide angle lens, it will be good to use 170/150 deg. instead of 60deg. as stock.
    3- You need to apply good silicone cover and checked it reguarly (maybe once a week) due to waterproof and vibration issues.

    Note: I couldn't find anything to connect already existing backup cameras instead of IP cam's low definition and 60deg. angle view. Need to convert it from analog to digital signal of backup cam. for connecting it to wifi IP module (removing the existing IP cam's cmos camera)

    - Cheap Wifi IP CAM (comes with 60deg. lens) 50-70 dollars
    - Any Free Android IP CAM viewers or just buy it for 3-5 dollars if you want pro type from google store.
    - Smart Phone with Wifi tendering ability.

    I have a Polo so, Cam's 4*4cm square size look weird on the plate. But it looks fine my friends Ford Truck :)

  10. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert

    It's a great idea and I would definitely buy such a camera/app if it worked well, but technically I don't think it can be made to work in the way that most people would want, and therefore it's probably easier and more cost effective to buy a cheap, dedicated license-plate-mounted wireless rearview camera with a visor mounted viewing screen (~$50) or rear-view mirror screen (~$80). Even if somebody developed a system that used the phone as a viewing screen, I don't think it would cost much less. Maybe it would cost $15-$20 less but the following technical limitations would be showstoppers for me and most people.

    Most modern phones have radio chips which can only support two types of wireless communication, Bluetooth or WiFi-- both of which are feasible for a camera connection. However...

    Bluetooth problems:
    1) Bluetooth doesn't allow simultaneous connections, so if you dedicate your Bluetooth connection to the backup camera, then you can't use Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls and audio media streaming. Showstopper for me.
    2) Even if you created a system whereby you somehow detect the car being put into reverse so that your Bluetooth connection switches from your car audio system to your rearview camera system (and back again), the time that it takes to make a Bluetooth connection and start streaming video would provide a frustrating user experience. When people put the car in reverse they want to instantly see out the back, not wait 20 seconds or so. Showstopper for me.
    3) Even if you could live without Bluetooth audio in your car, about half of the time that you need a rear-view camera is when you first get in the car to back out of your parking space. The system startup time from car-power-on would likely be frustratingly long.

    WiFi problems:
    1) I think most, if not all, phones can only run either WiFi or 3G/4G radios, not both simultaneously. Technically it's possible to make a direct peer-to-peer (ad hoc) WiFi connection from the camera to the phone, but if you dedicate your phone to a WiFi connection in the car, then you couldn't have a 3G/4G connection in the car. That's a showstopper for me.
    2) Similar to #2 above, if you created a system that would switch into WiFi mode only when reversing, the connection time would take too long for most people.
    3) Same as #3 above.
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  11. SharrySteve1

    SharrySteve1 Lurker

    I was meaning to fix a wireless back-up camera just like some of the friends have shared here, I just get issues like hard wire jumble that looks weird. Also how can I integrate it with my Android? Is there any quick fix to it. Thanks
  12. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert

    It's $125 and ties up your phone forcing you to put your phone in WiFi mode and run that app when you're on the road thereby preventing your phone from getting data (for GPS, music streaming, etc.) You can buy dedicated wireless backup camera systems for ~$56.
  13. cadcoke5

    cadcoke5 Newbie

    I have read some reviews of wireless back-up cameras, that are dedicated systems. They said that they used the same frequencies as Bluetooth, and so interfered with any Bluetooth transmissions in the car.

    Does the wireless camera you linked to at Amazon interfere with your Bluetooth devices? (an AGPtek

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