Android Expert
Apr 11, 2011
West edge of the East Texas Piney Woods
Ok, so I was having some problems with my DX flashed to GB .595 where no Titanium Backup, BusyBox, and anything else I tried wouldn't work. Even Superuser seemingly malfunctioned (Here's my previous saga: http://androidforums.com/droid-x-all-things-root/338495-whered-my-root-go.html)

On a whim, I reset it to "factory" settings just for fun and then re-ran Gingerbreak v1.2 and Titanium backup still wouldn't install. So as I was lining things up to SBF while working, I ran across Root Check in the Android market. On a whim I ran it and it said I do indeed have Superuser access. I promptly went to Superuser and it opened up and even updated itself! The Apps list and log are blank, but it did open and allow me into settings. Then I tired to reinstall Titanium and BusyBox but both said they couldn't get root access permission and did a Force Close.

As far as a "stock" Gingerbread DX, my phone seems to be working fine. But now I'm even more confused about what's going on with Root access. Do I have it or not? Should I just continue to go ahead and sbf or dump it in the toilet and decide if I want to get a replacement from Assurion or blow the big bucks on a contract-free DX2?

Maybe I should just drink a few beers and wonder if I managed to do something completely unique. And just be happy if it lasts until I can replace legitimately come November. :thinking: