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Support Yahoo Mail Success

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by scarletslipper, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. scarletslipper

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    Oct 23, 2009

    Oct 23, 2009
    Inconvenient success, but success nonetheless.

    I've been frustrated with Yahoo mail's very limited capability. I first clicked on the email icon on the home screen and followed the instructions given, set my "check for new mail" option to every 5 minutes and it installed fine. Except it wasn't all of my mail; just my Inbox/Trash/Draft/Sent. I'd read elsewhere that you need their pay version to use it with the Moment (and Hero). I've had the pay Plus version for years and I still wasn't seeing all my folders, nor was I able to mass delete or move things around. Latinmaxima mentioned in a reply to me last night that they had the plain (free) version and could see everything.

    Somehow this response triggered my awareness that I use Yahoo's new mail beta version on my computer. I reset my phone to the factory default and it erased my first Ymail install attempt. Then I switched to Yahoo Mail Classic on my computer. I didn't know if I could have one version on my computer and a different one on my phone if the phone went looking for my mail. You can; I switched my computer back to the beta version.

    Then I went to real Yahoo through the phone's browser, entered my user name and password and since I had the Classic view up on my computer, that's what showed up on my phone. YAY! ;-) All my folders, checkboxes to mass delete, calendar, everything was there and looked just like I accustomed to it looking. Then I accidentally clicked something else and noticed the address bar changed from yahoo.com/mail to, I think it was, m.yahoo.com, which I assumed meant mobile yahoo. All of a sudden the whole scheme changed; it was back to a very plain, basic list of Inbox mail and ads but nothing else. I backed out of mail and into Yahoo's homepage. I scrolled down to the bottom and noticed two options: mobile view and desktop view. I clicked desktop view and went back to mail. Again, it looked just like I wanted it to look; i.e., just like it does on my computer.

    I hoped that setting would remain, but it didn't. This morning I clicked the Yahoo shortcut icon and went to their homepage. My unread mail total was in the upper right corner. I clicked it and it took me to the mobile view (the Inbox only view) and the address bar was back to m.yahoo.com. I backed out of mail to the Yahoo homescreen, logged out of Yahoo, logged back in to Yahoo, clicked Mail, got the Mail screen login, did that, scrolled back down to the bottom to make sure I had desktop view selected. Mobile view was the default, so I clicked Desktop View and was taken to the Yahoo mail I see every day on my computer.

    I don't know yet how to make this process faster. And I haven't figured out how to delete portions of text or cut and paste; there's a select text option which copies to a clipboard, but either you can only select a screen's worth of text or my fine motor skills aren't well-developed enough to select and scroll to include more text (a definite possibility).

    Sorry to be so long-winded, and I know this is hardly a perfect work-around; barely acceptable, really, but in case someone else is still having this same issue, I thought I'd type what worked for me.


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