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2.3.4 downgradeSupport

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  1. hipster7929

    hipster7929 Well-Known Member

    Can someone help me downgrade, do I just need to delete the 2.3.4 PC10IMG.zip? Then factory reset? Thanks in advance, all the errors that are happening 2 weeks after I corralled are making me hate my phone now.

  2. hipster7929

    hipster7929 Well-Known Member

  3. MRguyandhis2

    MRguyandhis2 Well-Known Member

    PM sent
  4. MRguyandhis2

    MRguyandhis2 Well-Known Member

    enjoy brotha
  5. cwgraf71

    cwgraf71 Well-Known Member

    I am working a T-mobile G2 phone for a friend hoping to find the best way to downgrade his phone from 2.3.4 to 2.2 been finding different information but can you suggest best practice. Will it say in the settings the version in 2.2 or are you able to find that someplace else. Any other tips?
  6. MRguyandhis2

    MRguyandhis2 Well-Known Member

    the about phone will telll you what you cersion you are on. PM me and i can help you even better :)
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  7. chardHTCg2

    chardHTCg2 New Member

    hi.. i have an htc tmobile g2 android version 2.3.4 kernel version2.6.35.10-g96de068.. what else info do you need to help me downgrade my unit.. i wnat to root it so bad...

    i could donate if needed.. please.. super noob here

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